30 feet Ganpati made from coconut-urn, see in 10 interesting pictures of the week a two-headed tortoise too. 30 feet Ganpati made from coconut-urn and corn, see two-headed turtle in 10 interesting pictures of the week

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  • 30 Feet Ganpati Made From Coconut urn And Corn, See Two headed Turtle In 10 Interesting Pictures Of The Week

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1) India: Dhoom of Ganesh festival, 30 feet Ganesh idol made from coconut and Kalash

The picture is of Chennai, during the Ganesh festival many pandals have been made here. The Ganesh idol seen in the photo is 30 feet high. Its specialty is that it is made from coconut, kalash, sugarcane and corn.

2) England: When the football match was stopped because of the little fan

An interesting incident happened during a football match in Southampton, England. The match was going on between Southampton and Manchester United. Meanwhile, a small child entered the football field. After a lot of effort, he was taken out of the field.

3) Space : James Webb Telescope spotted Phantom Galaxy

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has captured a new picture of the Phantom Galaxy. In this picture, along with dust, many types of gas can be seen. James Webb is the world’s most powerful telescope.

4) Russia: This is the most admired picture of the year

The picture is of Klyuchin Island near Russia. This picture has been selected as the most admired picture in the Animal Portrait category this year. This photo was taken in 2021 by Russian photographer Dmitry Kokh.

5) Palestine: The friend died in the war… the student became emotional after remembering

The photo is of the Gaza Strip of Palestine, after the recent Israel-Gaza war, schools have opened there. A Palestinian student, Lian al-Shayer, was also killed during the war. Recalling her same classmate, the girl sitting in the class could not hold back her tears.

6) Switzerland: Preparations for the 25th birthday of the two-headed turtle

The picture is from Switzerland, where preparations for a special festival are underway. The 25th birthday of the two-headed tortoise Janus is approaching. This turtle was named after a two-headed Roman god. To keep it safe from poachers, it has been kept in the Geneva History Museum.

7) America: Trying to take the longest journey by pumpkin boat

The picture is from Bellevue in the US state of Nebraska, where a man named Duane Hansen set out to make a record by making a boat made of hollow Pumpkin (Pumpkin). In fact, on the occasion of his 60th birthday, Hansen was looking to set the record for the longest voyage made on a Pumpkin boat.

8) England : Rail engine car fair

The Great Dorset Steam Fair is held at Blandford Forum, England. In this people run their steam road-locomotive engines. This fair was first organized in 1969. More than two lakh tourists come here every year.

9) Spain: Tomatino Festival returns after two years

La Tomatino Festival is being celebrated in Spain. People came out on the streets carrying 130 tonnes of tomatoes and rained heavily on each other. This event is being held after two years due to Kovid.

10) England: Ring made of pink diamond worth Rs 168 crore

Recently a ring made of 11.15 carat pink diamond was displayed in London. This diamond is considered to be very rare, whose estimated value is said to be Rs 168 crores. It is worth noting that the auction of jewelery made of pink diamonds will be started in Hong Kong from October.

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