India vs Pakistan: What will be Haris Rauf’s strategy to dismiss Suryakumar and other Indian batsmen, revealed

India vs Pakistan: What will be Haris Rauf’s strategy to dismiss Suryakumar and other Indian batsmen, revealed
India vs Pakistan: What will be Haris Rauf’s strategy to dismiss Suryakumar and other Indian batsmen, revealed

New Delhi, Online Desk. The Asia Cup 2022 Super Four match between India and Pakistan will be played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Sunday. In this match, while Team India would like to maintain its winning order against Pakistan, on the other hand, Pakistan will be looking to avenge the defeat in the previous match. Before this match, Pakistan cricket team’s fast bowler Haris Rouse talked about the team’s strategy as well as many other aspects.

Harris Rauf asked for T-shirt from Virat Kohli

Haris Rauf was gifted his t-shirt by former Indian team captain Virat Kohli after the first group match. When asked about this, he said that Virat Kohli is a legend player and the way he has performed for his country is amazing. There is a lot to learn by talking to Kohli. When you talk to players senior to you, they share their experiences with you which is very beneficial. Rauf said that I was asking him for a shirt and he gave me his shirt after the match, so I thank him for this.

What will be the strategy against Suryakumar

Talking about Suryakumar Yadav’s form, he said that the way he has been playing for his team and the kind of form he has is very good. When you bowl against such a brilliant batsman, it is our endeavor to bowl at our own strength. It is our endeavor to give the best for our team and bowl to all the star batsmen of India in their week zone. We will try to bowl them as many dot balls as possible because when they are not able to score runs, they will come under pressure and make mistakes.

Aim to throw as many dot balls as possible

Regarding the spin not getting much benefit on the pitch, he said that the fast bowlers are getting more advantage here and the ball is swinging. The spinner is not getting the kind of help it should have. The fast bowler is getting help and also getting wickets. Regarding Hardik Pandya and other batsmen of the Indian team, he said that when I am playing a T20 match, my effort is not to take wickets but to bowl as many dot balls as possible to the batsman. In T20, the better you can save your ball, the better and if the batsman is not able to score runs, then the wicket is got.

High pressure match against India

Harris Rauf was asked that India no longer has Ravindra Jadeja in such a situation, what do you think. Responding to this, he said that the match between India and Pakistan is high pressure. When Ravindra Jadeja got injured, Axar Patel came in his place. Jadeja was a left arm spinner and Akshar is also a left arm spinner, so I don’t think Jadeja’s exit will make much difference to India. We played the last match against India with a lot of confidence and will take the field against this team once again with the same confidence.

Cricket is a team game, we don’t depend only on Babar Azam

Regarding Babar Azam’s poor form, Rauf said, “Look, cricket is a team game and we do not depend on any one player. Babar Azam is the best player and he knows what to do for the team. He is not only the batsman but also the captain and his job is to motivate the players of the team as well. He will know what to do in the next match and we hope he will do well.

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