28 dribbles, six assists; Messi flying again

28 dribbles, six assists; Messi flying again
28 dribbles, six assists; Messi flying again

Messi in action against Nantes/Photo: AFP

Paris: PSG defeated Nantes by three goals in League One. Even though he didn’t shake the net for PSG here, superstar Messi is getting applause. Messi opened the way for both goals when Mbappe hit the net twice.

Messi’s impressive performance against Nantes took Messi’s tally of assists this Ligue 1 season to six. PSG has played 6 matches in the season. Messi hit the net three times.

Messi has the most assists in 2022 so far. Messi has 18 assists so far this year. Messi and Neymar are tied for the most assists for PSG this season.

13 dribbles came from Messi in the game against Nantes. 9 of them were successful. Messi has dribbled the most opponents in Europe’s top 5 leagues this season. Messi has successfully completed 28 dribbles in League One so far.

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