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“If you watch 2022 FIFA World Cup football series, 50GB data will be free,” says a message on social media. We researched it.

Details of information:

Following this, some readers sent us through WhatsApp (+91 9049044263) and asked doubts.

The same information is also shared on Facebook.

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Let us know the truth:
In the particular WhatsApp message, a link has been attached. This link is different for each record. But when we open it, it shows us like a spam link. Besides, it is known that some people are making and spreading such fake messages to steal and hack the information in our smartphones.

No such announcement has been made by FIFA. No such news has been published. So, we request no one to believe and share this news which is not true. Generally, the data related offers are officially provided by the telco we are using.

Regarding this, Jitender, an employee of IICS (International Institute of Cyber ​​Security) said, “Nobody announces such free data announcements. These often contain a link. If we click on that link, the virus will be automatically installed on our phone or computer. Otherwise our information will be stolen. “Such rumors have been shared for years,” he said.

Fact Crescent Tamil has proven that the above information is not reliable based on relevant sources. If our readers find such wrong message, photo and video, send it to our WhatsApp number (+91 9049053770). We are investigating the matter and publishing the facts.

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Title:50GB data free to watch 2022 FIFA World Cup football matches?

Fact Check By: Fact Crescendo Team

Result: False

The article is in Tamil

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