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Virat Kohli may leave RCB next season, giving these 3 reasons

Virat Kohli may leave RCB next season, giving these 3 reasons
Virat Kohli may leave RCB next season, giving these 3 reasons

Virat Kohli: The season of IPL 2023 (IPL 2023) is now on the verge of ending. The final match of this season will be played on 28 May. Like the defeat bar, this season Royal Challengers Bangalore’s dream of winning the title remained a dream. Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis both performed brilliantly this season for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

But still RCB could not reach the playoffs. Virat scored above 600 for the third time this season. Virat might not play for RCB next year. There are 3 big reasons for this. Let’s know.

Virat Kohli can leave RCB for these big reasons

1. Can leave RCB to focus more on international cricket

IPL 2023 (IPL 2023) The last few years of RCB legend Virat Kohli have been the best. This year he scored 639 runs in 14 matches at an average of 53.25. In which 5 half-centuries and 2 centuries were scored. Kohli single-handedly won RCB many matches this season.

Now after this season, Virat Kohli can leave RCB for the next season. Kohli may take a break from IPL to focus on international cricket. After being busy in IPL for 2 months, players get very tired both physically and mentally. Whose effect is clearly visible on them. Kohli may take a break from the IPL to prolong his international career.

2. Can leave T20 to focus on Test ODI

Virat Kohli currently plays all formats for India. There is pressure on him to perform well in every format. Sometimes it happens that there is a drop in performance when going from one format to another.

The style of play also has to be changed according to the format, which makes it very difficult. Due to this, Virat can retire from T20 to focus on his performance in ODIs and Tests. So that his full focus is on Tests and ODIs.

3. Can retire to give opportunities to the youth

Virat Kohli has played 16 seasons of IPL so far. Kohli has played 237 matches so far. He has captured almost every record except trophy wins. Virat has become an icon now, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

In such a situation, if he stops playing IPL, then young players can get a chance in his place. Kohli has also sent youngsters to bat in his place many times in international cricket. Now if he keeps distance from IPL to give chance to the young player then it will not be surprising.

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