Must play with Messi! Alvarez’s video from 11 years ago went viral on social media

First Published Dec 1, 2022, 12:29 PM IST

Doha: Argentina’s winning goal came from the boot of Julian Alvarez. The goal was also the fulfillment of Alvarez’s childhood dream, a vision and dream eleven years ago. Asked the journalist who heard about the wonderful boy who is doing wonders on the field as Argentinian club Atlético Culkin.

What is your greatest desire? To play in the World Cup. Have to play with your favorite player, Messi. Eleven years later, that dream came true. The famous Argentine cup rang in the world stage of football. Bowling along with the shrine. He became the savior of the team. Alvarez’s nickname is Spider. But rather than weaving a web. He is described as Messi’s successor with an interest in breaking. Watch the video…

A twenty-one-year-old has already been added to the name. Even Pep Guardiola, who has blown Messi’s talent, has high hopes for Julian Alvarez. Fans will be hoping for more goals from Alvarez’s boots as Argentina enter the knockout stages. Alvarez scores the goal with an assist from Enzo Fernandez. The star’s performance underlines that Alvarez will be there in the pre-quarter as well.

Argentina won by two uncontested goals. With their second win, Argentina, who won Group C, will face Australia in the prequarters. Argentina took the lead in the 46th minute with Alexis McAllister’s goal. At the beginning of the second half. Alvarez scored the winning goal in the 67th minute. Messi and his team had the ball at their feet 71 percent of the time. Surrender of Poland without firing a single shot. Despite the loss, Poland are in the last 16 with Argentina overtaking Mexico on goal average.

The goal that gave life to Argentina; McAllister fulfilled his father’s dream

Last Updated Dec 1, 2022, 12:29 PM IST

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