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Vijayawada: Karra Samu Gains Popularity as More Children Develop Interest

Vijayawada Sports: The ancient martial art Karrasamu (Silambam) is coming to prominence. Children from the city of Vijayawada are proficient in karrasamu and are showing their strength on sports platforms. They are winning national medals with continuous practice. Education, which has been added to the list of endangered arts, is being brought into the limelight.

Unique history..

This Karsamu Vidya was born before Christ. God Murugan in Tamil Nadu introduced the traditional Karrasamu to the world to gain an upper hand over the enemies based on the then way of life and unavailable resources. History says that it was called ‘Silambam’ in Tamil and ‘Talinkana’ in Telugu. As it was a tool made with sticks, after a few years it became famous in Telugu as ‘Karrasamu’.

Although the importance of karsamu war has declined over time, the art is still alive in some villages. But it is a literal truth that the youth of the city is not fully aware of this education. It is against this background that sports competitions are organized under the name of ‘Sampradaya Karrasamu (Traditional Silambam)’ to show the superiority of Karrasamu to the youth of the city. Coaches explain that karasamu practice is useful for self-defense, weight loss, heels, joints, bones, smooth blood circulation and concentration.

Competitions in nine categories..

Traditional silambam competitions are organized at district, state and national level. Single Stick, Double Stick, Sword, Spear, Surulvar, Deer Arms, Man to Man, Dual Event and Group Events are organized. Among these, two will compete against each other in the man-to-man category. The rest of the divisions will be held as competitions just like show. The contestants have to finish the performance in 70 seconds on a court that is 6 meters long and 6 meters wide. Marks are given on the basis of speed, style, sound and skill of swinging the stick. Negative marks are given if the stick touches the person’s body or the ground.

On the national sports stage..

Sportsmen from Vijayawada showed their strength in the national level Traditional Silambam competition held in Chennai from 25th of last month for three days. In Under-12 category, M. Hiazin Gold (Double Stick), N. Yashaswi Gold (Single Stick), K. Rishikesh Bronze (Single Stick), G. Arush Silver (Single Stick) in Under-14 Category, N. Kashyap Silver (Single Stick) in Under-10 Category. Singlestick), P. Sreekarunya silver (double stick), B. Meghana silver (single stick) and Karunya bronze (single stick) in under-8 category.

Training centers at two places..

They are taking rigorous training every morning and evening at the Indira Gandhi Municipal Corporation Stadium in Vijayawada and the Krishna River in Yanamalakuduru. Coaches say that currently around 200 children are taking karrasamu training in Vijayawada city. (Click: Carving wonderful sculptures.. International fame as a sand artist)

We will win international medals..

All the states of the country were represented in the recent national level competitions. Every athlete represented from our district won a medal. We are training athletes to win medals in world level competitions in the coming days.
– K. Satya Srikanth, Coach

In school games from next year..

We have been asking the government for many years to give recognition to the traditional Karsamu sport. The recent announcement by the Central Government to include it in the School Games next year (2023) is a source of joy. Sports Authority of India (SAI) has given recognition to this sport. We want to recognize Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority (SAP).
– Nageswara Rao, Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Traditional Silambam Association

The article is in Telugu

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