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A new controversy broke out, the TV actress named Myra Mishra Actor Maera Mishra Photo With Bhagat Singh Koshyari Chair Controversy Photo Viral | Maera Mishra

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Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has been in the news for many days. Now once again Koshyari is in discussion. This time a model-actress has become the reason behind it. The actress who went to Raj Bhavan for an event has done a photoshoot directly in front of the Governor’s empty chair. Not only this, but the actress shared that photo on social media, which has sparked a new controversy. The name of this actress is Myra Mishra.

What is the whole matter?
It happened that some women from an NGO had gone to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. Actress Myra Mishra and actress Manisha Koirala were also present with him. Before Governor Koshyari entered the hall, Myra Mishra took pictures with the Governor’s empty chair. After that she shared these photos on Instagram.

Raj Bhavan expressed displeasure after these photos came to light. In his absence, women took pictures in the governor’s hall, giving him the right impression.

Senior officers of the Raj Bhavan expressed their displeasure over taking pictures from mobile phones when in fact it was a rule to keep mobile phones out before the Governor’s visit. The officer also expressed his displeasure that the image of the Raj Bhavan was tarnished by such behaviour.

MNS gave harsh words to the Governor
MNS leader Manoj Chavan has tweeted about this. Along with his tweet, he has shared a photo of Myra Mishra. In this tweet, Chavan says, “Where is the Raj Bhavan – who is this woman? What is the actress and model doing in the Raj Bhavan? Is the Governor’s chair honorable or not?”

Who is Myra Mishra?
Myra Mishra is a model and actress. She participated in the 11th season of MTV Splitsvilla. Born in Uttar Pradesh, Myra has created a distinct identity on the small screen. She has appeared in TV serials like Ashoka, Udaan, Bahu Begum and Bhanwar. Along with serials, Myra has also acted in some music videos. She has appeared in the music videos of ‘Rona Sikhad Way’ and ‘Sonio 2.0’.

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