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Mizoram beauty arrested in Chennai rowdy murder case

Mizoram beauty arrested in Chennai rowdy murder case
Mizoram beauty arrested in Chennai rowdy murder case

A Mizoram model has been arrested for pretending to be in love with a rowdy in Chennai.

Rowdy Satya (24) hails from 15th Street, Puzhal Kavankarai, Chennai. He was hacked to death in Egmore on 10th night. A special force was formed under the leadership of Egmore Inspector Thirumal to arrest the culprits in this case immediately.

The special forces police have already arrested 4 people involved in this murder case by conducting an intensive investigation. In this case, a model called Julie and her boyfriend Kishore from Mizoram state were arrested by the special police yesterday. It has been revealed that this murder was carried out to take revenge.

In 2016, a rowdy named Sivaraj was killed at the Chennai Basin Bridge. His allies vowed to take revenge. The gang that killed lawyer Akhilan and Nai Ramesh was waiting to solve the third rowdy Satya. They set up a romantic strategy to fix Satya.

Mizoram beauty Julie is used in that love strategy. Julie has been in touch with Satya on his cell phone frequently. He has also exchanged information with Satya on Instagram. He is pretending to love Satya dearly. Satya also believes it to be true. Last 8th is Shivraj Memorial Day.

On that day, Julie talked to Satya on her cell phone and asked her to come to Egmore. Accepting it, Satya came to Egmore on the night of the 10th to see Julie in person for the first time. Then they tied him up. Julie, who masterminded the insidious drama of falling in love with Satya, has been arrested. 4 others including her boyfriend Kishore have been arrested. So far 9 people have been arrested in this case.

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