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Bareilly News: The Strings Of Death Are Hanging… Those Responsible Are Not Alert

Bareilly News: The Strings Of Death Are Hanging… Those Responsible Are Not Alert
Bareilly News: The Strings Of Death Are Hanging… Those Responsible Are Not Alert

Bareilly. Leave the village, in the city where responsible officers sit and their movement continues throughout the day, there are wires of power lines hanging on the surrounding roads too. This can become the cause of a major accident at any time. This is the situation when the revamp plan costing Rs 820 crore to improve the system has been implemented in March 2023.

Although officials are pressurizing the private firm to complete the work by December 2023, the progress has not been even five percent. Only works worth less than Rs 8 crore have been done. Chief Engineer Rajeev Kumar Sharma is reviewing every month. Regarding the delay, he says that every effort is being made to complete the work on time.

According to the contract, the work is to be completed by January 2025. But when he was asked about the dilapidated wires and lines hanging over his head, he said that he would get them seen. Where the wires are loose, they will be repaired. Instructions have been given to all the executive engineers to ensure that accidents do not happen.

These are the standards

Be it 11 KV or 33 KV line, the height of the wire from the ground should be 5.1 meters.

this is the reality

There are many places in the district where danger wires are hanging at a height of 3-4 meters. If someone is riding on top of a vehicle, there is a risk of electric shock.

These are the circumstances


Wires of 11 KV line are hanging from Gandhi Udyan to Circuit House road. Below these wires are communication cables. There is a fear of touching them if you raise your hands after standing on the ground. If current comes from the upper wire, people passing below may be in danger.


ABC cable is hanging outside Meena Chest and General Hospital on the Court to Circuit House road. Height is less than 5.1 meters. This place is such that the engineers of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam keep passing through it, but the wires have not been tightened.


There is a guest house of Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam near the IG office. ABC cable wires are hanging outside the guest house. People nearby also considered the danger, but those responsible were not alert.


Danger wires are hanging above the nursery on the main road in front of the SSP office. There is movement of people throughout the day. Vehicles also pass by. If people make a slight mistake, they can get electrocuted.

the system became deadly

– January 2023: A contract worker lost his life while working at Jagatpur Power House.

– June 2023: Two people died due to electrocution from high tension line in Rithora.

– June 2023: Two people died and four got burnt due to electric shock while leaving the band stall in Hafizganj.

– July 2023: A college going intermediate student died due to electrocution in Kila area.

– September 2023: Three youths got burnt by electric current during the procession of Shri Krishna Janmashtami in Aliganj of Amla area.

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