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Hisar: Life imprisonment to four convicts in the murder of a property dealer 12 years ago.

Police taking away the culprits after punishment.
Police taking away the culprits after punishment.

The culprits committed the crime by firing bullets.

Hisar, 18 September (Hissar). The court of ADSJ Vivek Singal has sentenced four convicts to life imprisonment in the case of murder of property dealer Subhash, resident of Puthi Mangalkhan, about 12 years ago. The culprits include Sonu, Sunil, Sandeep and Vikas. In these, a fine of Rs 50-50 thousand each has been imposed on Sonu and Sunil and a fine of Rs 60-60 thousand has been imposed on Sandeep and Vikas.

According to the case filed in the court, Sukhbir, resident of Puthi Mangalkhan, had lodged a complaint in Hansi city police station. According to the complaint, the case was registered on December 12, 2011. Sukhbir had told that he had come to uncle Subhash’s office at Tosham Road, Hansi. There was Krishna resident of Bhatla, Rajpal resident of Singhwa Khas and Manjeet resident of Daipal. Was sitting on the terrace and talking to Subhash at 11:15 in the morning. Just then two young men had come who had taken uncle Subhash with them to the office to talk. After about five minutes, uncle Subhash and both the boys came out. A young man had picked up uncle’s licensed weapon from the office. After this three more youths came and said what are you talking about, kill me. The youth started firing indiscriminately at uncle. When he tried to save his uncle, he threatened that if he came in between, he would lose his life. After shooting Subhash, the accused fled away taking the licensed weapon with them. The uncle was taken to the hospital for treatment in critical condition, where he was declared dead. In this case, the court on Monday sentenced the culprits to life imprisonment.

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