Who is this Veloni? – Who is Velonie

Who is this Veloni? – Who is Velonie
Who is this Veloni? – Who is Velonie

Who is this Veloni?

08 Dec, 2022 – 13:43 IST

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Pushkar is a recently released web series Rumored to be produced by Gayathri and directed by Andrew Lewis. The heroine of this series is named Veloni. Who killed Veloni, a beautiful 20-year-old young woman, who was mysteriously murdered and left lying in an open field? The story is that Sub Inspector SJ Surya finds out. Veloni’s life is told through this story. As popular as the series is, Sanjana Krishna Murthy who played Veloni in it also came into limelight.

Sanjana Krishnamurthy Ooty. Belongs to the Paducah race. Born in Ooty but grew up and studied in Chennai. While studying, he acted in short serials aired on YouTube channels. With this he became popular in the YouTube area. Veloni was brought in by director Andrew Lewis after noticing those YouTube series.

“When I got into acting on YouTube, my father and mother didn’t want me… But when the opportunity came for the web series ‘Vadanti’, I told them the story and my character. They said OK as this is not a normal opportunity. I have come to act with their blessings. I will continue acting,” says Sanjana.

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