A 12-year-old girl’s health suddenly deteriorated while dancing, she died during treatment. 12-year-old girl’s health deteriorated while dancing, died Girl of Rajkumar College Raipur Chhattisgarh

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A 12-year-old girl died in a strange way at Rajkumar College (RKC) school in Raipur. Strange because it is not understood what happened to the girl child. Minutes before her death, the girl was laughing and dancing with her schoolmates. Then she felt dizzy, the girl said she was not feeling well.

After this the girl started becoming unconscious. He was taken to the hospital. It is being told that the girl died shortly after. This incident happened on Tuesday night. The girl’s family members were informed. They also reached on Wednesday, the body of the girl child was handed over to them. The last rites of the girl child have been done, although before this the post-mortem has been conducted by the hospital for the purpose of solving the mystery of death. Information about this matter has come to the fore on Thursday.

RKC is the oldest school in Raipur.

RKC is the oldest school in Raipur.

School children sent to the hospital
Retired Lieutenant Colonel Avinash Singh, principal of Rajkumar College, told about the incident that the school management took the girl to the hospital after her health deteriorated. The school has an ambulance facility, through which the girl child was taken to the nearby Swapnil Hospital. From there the girl was taken to Ramakrishna Hospital.

The principal said- I know that the medical condition of the girl child deteriorated, the doctors were treating her, but she died tragically. We cannot tell the name and class of the girl child, it is under the privacy policy. The family members of the girl child have been informed. Medical investigation is going on, only after that something can be said that what is the reason for the death of the girl child. There is a buzz that the girl got injured while dancing and died, the principal of the school has called it a rumour.

was having trouble breathing
There are many discussions about how a mere 12-year-old girl died, even in the school. According to hospital sources, the girl had a problem in her lungs, her condition became very critical due to more difficulty in breathing, the girl was taken on ventilator. But he could not be saved. The school management has termed it as a medical matter.

The campus is in 130 acres.

The campus is in 130 acres.

British era institute
According to Rajkumar College historians, Sir Andrew got it prepared in Jabalpur in 1882. Then the college was shifted to Raipur in 1894 with boarding house facilities. Its campus is in 130 acres. This college remains in headlines for twelve months due to greenery. It is said that this is a fine clock, which was installed by King Jawahar Singh of the princely state of Sarangarh.

Historian Acharya Ramendra Nath Mishra told that from the beginning the education system of the college is famous all over the world including the country. This college was made to teach the children of kings and landlords. At that time it was counted among the best English medium schools in Eastern India. Although the name is college, but the education is of school. There are students from nursery to 12th. Rajkumar College is affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Here the children of royal families and landlords of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Bihar and other states used to study. Even today the children of some royal families study here.

very rare case

This matter is in discussion among the paediatricians of the city. Doctors are considering postmortem important in this case, the real cause of death should be known. Experts said- The death of the girl child in this case is a very unusual incident. One apprehension experts also expressed that the girl might have had breathing or heart related problems in the past. If the child has fallen due to dizziness, then the blood pressure of the body decreases, due to the inability of the blood to reach the brain, such a situation arises.

Child dies after falling from roof of school hostel

Six months before this, a 6-year-old child had died after falling from the hostel building of a private school in Nava Raipur area of ​​the capital. In this case, the police have come to know about the negligence of the school management. Later a case was registered against the school management. The matter was of Kharkharadih village.

Here 6-year-old Prafulla Dubey used to study in Goodson Angeline Academy School. Prafulla, who hails from a nearby village, used to stay in the school hostel. Prafulla was found injured by the school students 2 days ago due to falling from the roof. He was immediately admitted to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. 6-year-old Prafulla’s father works as a plasterer, mother was also running the family by working as a laborer in a small restaurant. Praful studied in the first class in the school. He was staying in the school even during the summer vacations. Read full news

Murder of class 10th student by entering the school in the capital

5 months ago, a 10th class student of Raipur was killed by entering his school. The incident was carried out by a group of students only. This incident took place on Monday afternoon in the government school of Khamtarai area. Supplementary examination was organized in Kashiram Sharma Government School. Mohan Singh, a student of class 10, had come to the school to give the exam. Here he had a dispute with some class 11th students.

A student present with Mohan at the time of the incident told that he did not know the boys who assaulted him. There was no old quarrel either. One of those boys came close to us and said – which class are you in, we said 10th. After this he asked something in English, we did not answer and moved on. Read full news

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