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Old unrelated photos from Brazil viral with fake communal claim of rape and murder in Assam

Old unrelated photos from Brazil viral with fake communal claim of rape and murder in Assam
Old unrelated photos from Brazil viral with fake communal claim of rape and murder in Assam

A set of three disturbing pictures is going viral on social media. Along with these pictures, it is being claimed that a girl named Kajal was raped by Gaffar along with his 7 Muslim friends in Assam. According to the viral claim, Kajal was kept alive and unconscious in the fridge, due to which she died.

BOOM found that the claim accompanying the viral images is fake. Actually, these pictures are old and they are not related to Assam.

These viral pictures are being shared in the background of the Shraddha murder case that surfaced in Delhi last month.

(We have not used viral posts or any archived links of posts in the story due to the disturbing nature of viral images.)

Sharing the set of pictures on Twitter, a user claimed in the caption, “Another Shraddha in Assam, packed in a freeze; Kajal living in a live-in relationship was first raped by 7 Muslim boys and then rendered unconscious by Ghaffar.” I packed it in the fridge, due to which she died of cold, the extent was reached when the dead girl was taken out of the fridge and raped everyday.”

A large number of users on Facebook and Twitter are sharing these pictures with a communal claim.

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fact check

BOOM first started searching media reports with relevant keywords but we could not find any such report mentioning any such incident in Assam.

BOOM searched the viral images with the help of reverse image search and found them uploaded on a Portuguese blogspot.

This blogspot, published in March 2010, reported that a 45-year-old man in Greater São Paulo, Brazil, murdered his wife and put her body in a freezer.

Later, the police arrested the accused person. According to the police, the woman’s body was so frozen that it could not be removed for identification.

Apart from this, we also found these pictures on many blogspots and image sites but none of them gave concrete information related to the incident.

One picture from the viral picture was found in a report published on Yahoo News on August 2021. According to this report, five months after she went missing, a young woman was found dead inside her freezer. Investigators believe that her boyfriend killed her with a screwdriver.

The body of 19-year-old Ana Gabriela Medina Blanco was found on the afternoon of 29 July in Santiago Marino, in the northern Venezuelan state of Aragua. Since, the picture used in this report is already present in the 2010 blogspot. As such, BOOM cannot independently verify the incident.

The same incident has also been mentioned in the report of Mirror One.

us during your investigation

Found a tweet from the official Twitter handle of

In this tweet, a screenshot of a viral post has been described as fake, saying that a picture of a Portuguese blog from 2010 is being shared on social media with a completely wrong context. Appropriate action will be taken against those who share such messages.

BOOM contacted Assam Police officials to get more details on the matter. At present we have not received any response from their side. The story will be updated as soon as we receive their comments.

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