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Jealousy, kidnapping and murder… 20 year old boy killed and eaten by his friends – Bangladesh 6 boys kidnap their 20 years old friend Shibli Sadiq Hridoy Ranson call killed him and ate his meat lclt

Jealousy, kidnapping and murder… 20 year old boy killed and eaten by his friends – Bangladesh 6 boys kidnap their 20 years old friend Shibli Sadiq Hridoy Ranson call killed him and ate his meat lclt
Jealousy, kidnapping and murder… 20 year old boy killed and eaten by his friends – Bangladesh 6 boys kidnap their 20 years old friend Shibli Sadiq Hridoy Ranson call killed him and ate his meat lclt

Date, 28 August 2023… 20 year old Shibli Sadiq Hridoy called his mother Nahid Akhtar. His voice seemed quite frightened. Shibli told his mother that some people had kidnapped him and they were beating him badly. Before Nahid could understand anything, the call got disconnected.

After some time, Nahid once again got a call from Shibli’s mobile. But this time it was not Shibli but someone else’s voice on the phone. He said something to Nahid which created an uproar in Shibli’s family. What is this whole matter, let us know in detail…

Shibli Sadiq Ridoy was a resident of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The family was very poor. There was a lot of shortage of money. But Shibli had big dreams about life. And to fulfill these dreams, he used to work along with studies. So that he can help his family financially and also fulfill his dreams.

There should not be a burden on the parents and education should also be from a good school. Therefore, he himself worked as a manager in a poultry farm and paid school fees with his own money. He was studying in Kadalpur School and College. Shibli was definitely serious about his studies. But he was also very honest about his work. But his honesty became a problem for him. In the poultry farm in Kadalpur where he was working, 6 people from the minority tribe also worked there.

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There was a good friendship between Shibli and him. Since Shibli was the manager of the poultry farm and also a friend of those people. Therefore, they started being very careless about their work. They felt that even if they made any mistake, Shibli would take care of it. But Shibli could not accept all this. First he explained to them lovingly. But when they started being careless again and again, Shibli started interrupting them. That’s the only thing they didn’t like.

Shibli was only 20 years old. Whereas, the rest of the workers were 24 to 25 years old. He felt bad that Shibli was the manager and despite being younger than him, he scolded him. It was from here that the controversy started. Gradually the dispute increased so much that one day a fight broke out between Shibli and the other workers.

That day, the owner of the poultry farm explained and calmed everyone down. Shibli forgot that fight but there was still a lot of anger against Shibli among the other workers. They had not forgotten that fight. They started making plans to take revenge from him. After two months i.e. on 28th August 2023, that fateful day finally arrived. Those poultry farm workers kidnapped Shibli. Actually, when Shibli was working in the poultry farm, Umongching Marma came there along with some of his workers. Then he forcibly took Shibli into his car.

Umongching was the same person with whom Shibli’s dispute had started. After the kidnapping, Shibli somehow secretly called mother Nahid Akhtar and told her that she had been kidnapped. Before Naheed could ask anything from Shibli, the call got disconnected. This call created a stir in Shibli’s house. They started searching for their son when they got a call from Shibli’s number. This call was from kidnappers. He told Shibli’s mother that if she wanted her son’s safety, she should give him 15 lakh Taka (Bangladeshi currency).

The deal was finalized for 2 lakh taka

The family was shocked to hear this. The family was very poor. They could barely survive. But it was about the son, so the family started raising money. Even after three days of kidnapping the family was not able to collect this much amount. Then three days later i.e. on 31st August 2023, a call came from the kidnappers. Shibli’s father requested the kidnappers to reduce the ransom amount. Kidnappers also knew the condition of Shibli’s family. So they increased the ransom amount to Taka 2 lakh.

Shibli’s parents, after reaching out from door to door, finally collected 2 lakh taka on September 4. Then he contacted the kidnappers. He called Shibli’s father to Bandarban district headquarters. Hoping to get his son back, Shibli’s father reached that place with the ransom money. There, two masked people came. They took money from Shibli’s father and started leaving from there. Then Shibli’s father asked where his son was. The kidnappers said that you go home, Shibli will come there.

Kidnappers had threatened

As soon as Shibli’s father reached home, he lost his senses. Shibli was not there. They thought that maybe he would come after some time. But Shibli still did not reach home. Tried to contact the kidnappers but could not be contacted. Three days passed like this. The distressed parents reached Raujan police station on 7 September. Told the whole thing to the police there. Police said why didn’t you register the case earlier. Shibli’s father said that the kidnappers had threatened him that if he went to the police, they would kill his son.

The police registered the case and started investigation. Investigation revealed that Shibli had no dispute with anyone. Just two months ago he had a fight with some workers of the poultry farm. Shibli’s mother knew about this quarrel. That’s why he expressed doubt on those workers. Police caught 6 workers of the poultry farm. Among them, Umongching Marma, Suichingmung Marma, Angthuimung Marma and Ukyathwai Marma were the named accused. The remaining two were unknown people. During initial interrogation they remained unknown. But soon he broke down in front of the police.

Shocking revelation made in front of police

He told that they only wanted to take revenge from Shibli. Their plan was that they would torture him. Then they will release him after taking the ransom. Why was he not released even after receiving the ransom money? On this question, the kidnappers told that Shibli had come to know about them. If he had released Shibli, he would have filed a case against him. Therefore, to save himself, he killed Shibli. The police asked where Shibli’s body was. He told that he had thrown the body in the nearby hill. According to Dhaka Tribune, the main accused Umongching Marma also revealed that he cooked the flesh of the dead body and ate it. Then the skeleton was thrown on the hill.

The main accused was beaten to death

When the police reached the mentioned place on September 11, Shibli’s skeleton was found there. Seeing the skeleton of their son, the parents started crying bitterly. This matter had become a topic of discussion in the entire area. People’s anger against the accused was sky high. Therefore, when the police started going to the police station with the main accused Umongching Marma, on the way people caught hold of Umongching and beat him so much that he died. Three policemen were also injured while trying to pacify the crowd. In the end the police had to use tear gas to control the uncontrollable crowd. The main accused was killed by the mob. But action is still going on against the remaining accused.

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