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Secular kingdom vs Indiramma kingdom

As long as he survived Telangana is a secular state It seems that there is no chance for religious conflicts here CM KCR( CM KCR ) is saying that KCR is raising this issue in almost every election meeting in his nine and a half years of administration. Because of religious strife He asked people to understand that no curfew has been imposed and that they give priority to peace and security.

On the other hand Congress leaders(Congress Leaders) too Kingdom of Indiramma They said that they will bring back the kingdom of Indiramma because the most good has been done to the poor and all the remarkable changes in the country have come in the kingdom of Indiramma. Congress ranks Saying

During Indiramma’s regime, the purpose of the Congress is to distribute the wealth of the people to the people Garibi Hatao Moreover, efforts have been made to eradicate poverty with the slogan Banks For many revolutionary changes like nationalization, digging of canals, abolition of constitutions Indiramma( Indira Gandhi ) by bringing Indiramma Rajya once again that the beginning was announced Poverty The Congress leaders claim that they will try to distance themselves, but the real Indiramma is in the kingdom Telangana(Telangana) has faced many problems and the shooting of students in Telangana during the 1969 movement happened during Indiramma’s reign.

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original Telangana It was also lost during the Congress regime KCR Giving a retort.Like this A secular state It is to be seen which kingdom the TRS ranks of Congress, who are giving their own meaning to Indiramma kingdoms, will ultimately take the people towards. On Telangana With top leaders campaigning with special attention, there are still no clear signs that the wind is in favor of any party in Telangana.

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