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The road race of the youth put the lives of ordinary people at risk

The road race of the youth put the lives of ordinary people at risk
The road race of the youth put the lives of ordinary people at risk

Latur: The joke is on
The stunts of the bikers in the district do not decrease. Every day, the deadly road races on the main roads of the city have started to shake the drivers. Due to their small mistake, the risk of losing innocent lives has also increased and there is a strong demand from the common citizens that these bikers should be restrained, while the police have also taken action against 11 thousand 253 speeding motorists in the last 11 months. Although action is being taken against roadromios who are harassing female students in the college premises as well as in various places through the ‘Damini’ team, the hooliganism has not reduced at all. The danger of accidents has increased due to the deadly road race of college boys who are riding two-wheelers and four-wheelers at breakneck speed. In the fun of the road race, the youths who ride the two-wheelers at high speed are feared by all the drivers as well.

It is coming to light that many students are interested in other places than education. The children of the wealthy have started exhibiting expensive bikes. Some of the thieves are doing the work of causing danger to common pedestrians as well as motorists by riding reckless two-wheelers. Many people traveling through the city have lost their lives due to their vices. The common citizens as well as motorists are demanding that the police should take action against such bike riders. Considering this serious matter, District Superintendent of Police Somay Munde and Additional Superintendent of Police Dr. Under the guidance of Ajay Devere, traffic police inspector Ganesh Kadam has taken action against as many as 11 thousand 253 speeding vehicle owners in the district and collected a fine of Rs.

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