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No change in Petrol-Diesel prices again today..

No change in Petrol-Diesel prices again today..
No change in Petrol-Diesel prices again today..

Every day, the government oil companies of the country release the oil prices in the entire country at 6 am. Let us tell you that there has been no major change in the prices of petrol and diesel since May 2022, although some changes keep happening. So before leaving home, check the oil prices in your city once. Along with this, you can also check the latest rate of petrol diesel in your city from the Indian Oil app. And by sending a message from your phone by typing RSP dealer code 92249 92249, you will also get to know the prices of your city in the message.


Petrol-Diesel rates:

Petrol in Delhi Rs 96.72 and diesel Rs 89.62 per liter

Petrol in Mumbai Rs 106.31 and diesel Rs 94.27 per liter

Petrol in Kolkata Rs 106.03 and diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Petrol in Chennai Rs 102.63 and diesel Rs 94.24 per liter

Petrol in Patna Rs 108.12 and diesel Rs 94.86 per liter

Petrol in Jaipur Rs 108.48 and diesel Rs 93.72 per liter

Petrol in Gurugram Rs 96.93 and diesel Rs 89.80 per liter

Petrol in Noida Rs 96.58 and diesel Rs 89.75 per liter

Petrol in Lucknow Rs 96.57 and diesel Rs 89.76 per liter

Petrol in Hyderabad Rs 109.66 and diesel Rs 97.82 per liter

Petrol in Chandigarh is Rs 96.20 and diesel is Rs 84.26 per liter.

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