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Tunnel accident in Himachal too.. When.. | Tunnel Collapse Like Incident in Himachal Bilaspur Tihra Tunnel

41 laborers were trapped in a tunnel under construction in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi. It was a relief that all the workers were safe and the photos of all the workers came out on the 10th day of the rescue operation.

While in Himachal Pradesh, nine years ago, a similar tunnel accident took place. Two laborers survived the accident. A laborer died. Trapped in the tunnel, these laborers spent ten days in miserable condition without food or drink.

The accident took place on September 15, 2015, in a tunnel near Kiratpur-Manali in Himachal Pradesh. As in Uttarakhand, a part of this tunnel collapsed yesterday leaving workers trapped inside. At first it was not known how many workers were trapped inside. The rescue operation was led by the then DC Mansi Sahai.

He is currently the Labor Commissioner of Himachal. It took 211 hours and 47 minutes to rescue the trapped workers in the tunnel near Kiratpur-Manali. After drilling a 42 meter tunnel, the rescue team brought out the two workers safely.
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