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World TV Day: Flickering of the screen and rotating antenna, when everyone was crazy about Doordarshan

World TV Day: Flickering of the screen and rotating antenna, when everyone was crazy about Doordarshan
World TV Day: Flickering of the screen and rotating antenna, when everyone was crazy about Doordarshan

Jagran correspondent, Aligarh. Many things flow away in the flow of time. There are only memories that stay with you forever. Tickles. Tells past experiences. When discussions begin, treasures of stories open up.

There was a time when people were eager to watch Ramayana and Mahabharata on TV i.e. Doordarshan. No need to get tired of repeatedly going to the rooftop to fix the antenna, visiting neighbors when there is no TV in the house, stopping at a shop, even praying for power cuts.

There was great excitement in serials like Discovery-Ek Khoj, Hum Log, Malgudi Days, Nukkad, Circus, Junoon. There was a different pleasure in listening to film songs in the Rangoli program. Doordarshan ruled then. Facilities increased with time. You can watch the program on laptop, mobile and tablet. But, that era of Doordarshan can never be forgotten.

Doordarshan’s journey

The first model of TV was prepared in America in the year 1927. Television came to India in the year 1959 and on 15 September 1959, the first television was used with the establishment of Doordarshan Kendra in the capital Delhi.

In the year 1965, All India Radio started daily TV transmission. In the year 1976, the government separated TV from All India Radio. The first national television channel was started in the year 1982. In the same year the first color TV also arrived in the country.

It became widespread due to the organization of the Asiad Games held in India in the year 1982. The invention of TV started a revolution in the field of information. Doordarshan was more influential in the initial period. Due to the creation of more mediums of media, mediums like Doordarshan became weak.

When television came to the village for the first time, I was surprised to see the pictures.

Gopal Krishna Upadhyay, a resident of village Dabha in Akarabad area, says that during his childhood, his father late Jagdish Prasad had installed a television in the village for the first time. This was a matter of surprise in the entire village. People were astonished to see the moving picture on black and white television.

The entire village watched the program on a television. During that time, farmers were more eager to get information related to crops and farming. This was also the medium of entertainment. Now the era of television is gone. Now every mobile has television. People are enjoying it.

Gopal Krishna Upadhyay resident Dabha l

Television used to connect many families

85 year old Surajpal Singh, resident of Nagla Natha, got lost in the old days as soon as the talk of television started. He says that earlier television used to be a big thing. There used to be TV in selected houses of the village. That too was black and white. At that time Ramayana and Mahabharata serials started on Doordarshan.

In the house where there was a TV, a large number of village people used to gather and watch serials. People used to carry gram, peanuts etc. and eat them collectively while watching serials.

The roads and streets used to become completely deserted to watch Ramayana and Mahabharata. Doordarshan has played an important role in whatever economic and social development we have achieved.

Surajpal Singh, Nagla Natha l

Once upon a time we used to fix the antenna on the roof, today we change channels with the remote.

97-year-old Munshilal, resident of Kale Aam area of ​​Gabhana, says that there was a time when one or two people in the entire area used to have television in their homes. People from the entire village used to gather in that house. Meanwhile, if the picture was lost, the people nearby would run to the roof and fix it by rotating the antenna.

When Ramayana started on Doordarshan, the entire village used to look for houses which had TV and a place to sit. In those days, having a TV was a big thing. People used to leave their work to watch serials like Alif Laila, Chandrakanta, Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Jaan Hai Jahaan Hai, Shaktimaan, Vikram Betaal.

One got values ​​and goodness from these serials. The timing of the news was fixed. Now in the changing era of technology, there are countless news and different channels, people change the channel remotely. Recently, such topics are being presented to the audience in serials which are leaving no stone unturned in increasing the rift in relationships.

Munshi Lal, Gabhana l

The old times were easier than today

Retired DSP SP Varshney, resident of Bank Colony Premier Nagar, says that TV has always been the biggest medium of mass communication and entertainment. In our times there was a lot of dependence on TV. There were black and white TVs. There was a big signal problem. Then he used to go to the rooftop and correct the signal. There is great curiosity about watching the programme. Families used to sit together and watch TV. He used to watch TV especially to listen to the news.

Gradually, times changed and color TV arrived. Then many channels started coming on cable. In the present age of Internet, everything has changed. I find the old era easier. Now it has become difficult to find news channels on TV. Yes, it is also true that in the olden times there was not such a huge scope. Now there is an unlimited world on TV. You can see everything with one click. But, there is some difficulty for elderly people in understanding the technology.

SP Varshney, retired DSP

There was a festive atmosphere in the house

Bina Sharma, resident of Ram Vihar Colony, Pala Road, told that it was the year 1985. There was no TV in our house then. There was a black in white TV at a neighbor’s house. Movies used to come on Saturdays and Sundays. The serial used to come in the afternoon. We used to go to the neighborhood to see them.

When Ramayana serial started, the first black and white TV of TEXLA company came to our house. On Sundays, most of the people of the locality used to come to our house to watch Ramayana serial. There was a festive atmosphere in the family. The elders sat at the back and the children sat at the front on the ground.

Used to listen to songs in the morning Rangoli program. In the evening, news speaker Ved Prakash used to tell the news of the country and the world. Some of my husband’s friends used to come home to listen to the news.

Beena Sharma, Ram Vihar Colony Pala Road

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