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Just now: Seema Haider’s husband Sachin Meena shot dead! Watch viral video here

New Delhi. Seema Haider, who fled from Pakistan, is happy to settle down with Sachin Meena near Greater Noida. Every day some news or video of Seema and Sachin keeps appearing on social media. Meanwhile, a news is spreading rapidly about Seema Haider’s husband Sachin Meena, in which it is claimed that Sachin has been murdered. In such a situation, know the truth of viral news.

Seema Haider’s husband Sachin has been shot dead by someone. Along with this, it is being claimed that Seema Haider is completely broken after the death of her husband. Along with this, the statement of a police officer is also going viral. A news video is becoming increasingly viral on the social media platform Facebook, in which it is being told that someone has murdered Sachin Meena. The caption of the video reads, “Someone murdered Seema Haider’s husband Sachin.”

Along with this, there are also pictures of Seema Haider crying inside the video. Regarding the video, it is being claimed that this is the video of the incident site. Along with this, a police officer is telling about the incident. However, complete information regarding this has not been given.

The video shared 20 hours ago has received more than 7 million views so far. At the same time, users are also sharing it tremendously. In such a situation, when this video was investigated, it proved to be completely fake. In our investigation, there is no news of any untoward incident with Sachin Meena. No news channel or media outlet has carried this news. In such a situation, this video is completely misleading.

Let us tell you that recently many TV news channels had interviewed Seema Haider on Karva Chauth. Along with this, Seema herself told that her family is doing very well. Seema and Sachin are living happily. In such a situation, misleading videos like this have been made to mislead people.

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