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Another tragedy in UP.. Rape victim was killed because the case was not withdrawn

Another tragedy in UP.. Rape victim was killed because the case was not withdrawn
Another tragedy in UP.. Rape victim was killed because the case was not withdrawn

A terrible incident took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The accused, who was on bail, chased the victim with an ax and killed her, saying that she was not withdrawing the rape case. The incident took place in Derha village of Kaushambi district. The killing on the road in front of everyone has created a stir in UP. A young man named Pawan raped a sixteen-year-old girl less than three years ago along with his friends. Police registered a case on the complaint of the victim and arrested Pawan.

But the accused has been threatening the victim’s family and the young woman for the past three years to withdraw the case against him. However, they did not back down. Pawan, who was in jail, was released on bail two days ago. At the same time, his brother Ashok Nishad, who went to jail in another case, also came on bail. Together they tried to close the rape case somehow.

The victim’s family was once again threatened to withdraw the case. However, they did not listen and grew into factions. They decided to kill the victim. They found that the young woman was skinning cattle every day. At that time it was considered easy to kill her.

Pawan and Ashok Nishad intercepted the young woman as she was coming home from herding cattle. He chased him with an axe, cut him to death, and ran away from there. The incident happened on the sidewalk while everyone was watching. Seeing this incident, the locals ran away in fear. The police reached the spot and shifted the body of the young woman to the hospital for post-mortem. District SP Brijesh Srivatsava said that special teams have been formed to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the Congress party reacted to the murder of the young woman. She criticized that the girl child was left without protection in the state. It said criminals have no fear or respect for the law. She expressed concern about when the girls will get freedom. This incident is creating a sensation within a few days after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued a warning that Yamaraju would take revenge on those who harassed women.

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