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Dangerous asteroid may collide with Earth in 2024, NASA expressed fear, it was discovered in 2007, but…

Dangerous asteroid may collide with Earth in 2024, NASA expressed fear, it was discovered in 2007, but…
Dangerous asteroid may collide with Earth in 2024, NASA expressed fear, it was discovered in 2007, but…

Washington DC. American space agency NASA has issued a big alert on Tuesday. NASA has said that there is a high possibility of a ‘lost asteroid’ hitting the Earth in 2024. Currently, this dangerous asteroid named 2007 FT3 is in space and may hit the Earth by next year. This is not the first time that NASA has given information about an asteroid coming towards the Earth. It won’t be the last either.

NASA states that there are currently more than 32,000 near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) and more than 120 known short-period near-Earth comets (NECs). If they are not successfully stopped, each of these space elements has the potential to cause destruction in some form or the other on Earth. Most of these known asteroids are tracked by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). The space agency’s branch has estimated that the asteroid could potentially hit the planet by October 2024.

2007 FT3: ‘Lost asteroid’ feared headed towards Earth
In 2007, scientists spotted an asteroid in space, which they named 2007 FT3. This object was revealed to be an asteroid, but soon it lost its flight path and scientists could not locate it. The asteroid had a short observation arc of only 1.2 days, after which it could not be recovered by scientists through targeted observations. The most dangerous thing is that it has not been seen since 2007.

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There are fears that 2007 FT3 will hit Earth next year.NASA scientists estimate that this asteroid may have now found a way to return to Earth. He further says that there is every possibility that 2007 FT3 will hit the Earth next year. But how high is the probability? On this question, NASA suggests that the probability of 2007 FT3 colliding with Earth in October 2024 is 0.0000087 percent or 1 in 11.5 million. There is another possibility of it hitting the Earth in March 2024, the probability of which is estimated at 0.0000096 percent or 1 in 10 million. Regarding both of these fears, it has been said that in both cases, the asteroid has the potential to release energy equivalent to the explosion of 2.6 billion tons of TNT.

How dangerous can this be?
According to NASA estimates, in both cases, the amount of energy released from the collision of the asteroid and Earth could cause significant regional destruction. However, the destruction will be too weak to cause any global damage. The space agency says that it will probably hit the Earth on October 5, 2024. There are other asteroids that are approaching Earth that could potentially cause similar devastation. One object, known as 29075 (1950 DA), is the second most vulnerable rock on NASA’s list. It was away from the eyes of scientists since it was discovered in 1950, but now it has been discovered. It has a 0.0029 percent or 1 in 34,500 chance of hitting Earth on March 16, 2880, which is one way in the future.


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