Crime News in Tamil Nadu: Homosexuality Murder | Buried skull, body parts! Homosexual murder?

Crime News in Tamil Nadu: Homosexuality Murder | Buried skull, body parts! Homosexual murder?
Crime News in Tamil Nadu: Homosexuality Murder | Buried skull, body parts! Homosexual murder?

Homosexuality Murder: A number of shocking facts have been revealed to the police searching for a missing person in Cholapuram Sandalmedu village. Even more so, the police are shaken by the successive reports of a missing person. How did the man who went around killing the psycho killer get caught on the range? You can see the case that rocked Tamil Nadu.

Ashokraj hails from Sandalmedu village under Cholapuram police station near Kumbakonam. He told the people at his house that he was going to Chidambaram on the 13th and left. As he did not return home till the next day, his grandmother Padmini lodged a missing complaint against Ashok Raj at the Cholapuram police station.

Following this, the investigation conducted by the police revealed that Ashokraj had gone to his friend Kesavamurthy’s house in the lower street of Cholapuram. Following this, in the investigation conducted with Kesava Murthy, many startling information has been revealed. Kesava Murthy first worked as a mason. He pretended to be a country doctor and used to treat him from time to time. That’s how Ashok Raj asked Kesava Murthy for a medicine to increase his virility. Kesava Murthy has given the necessary medicine for it. As they often come to buy medicine, the intimacy between the two has increased.

In this situation, on the 13th, Ashokraj came to Kesavamurthy’s house to buy medicine to increase virility. After that he disappeared. In the subsequent investigation conducted by the police, it is said that Kesava Murthy invited Ashokraj to have a homosexual relationship, but when he refused, he was killed. Kesava Murthy cut off the head, hands and body of the murdered Ashokraj in his house and buried him in the toilet area of ​​his house. Ashok Raj was arrested after the police interrogated Kesava Murthy who confessed to killing Ashok Raj and burying him in his house.

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Also, in the presence of Kumbakonam District Collector Venkateswaran, Associate Director of Forensic Science Department Somasundaram, Thiruvidaimarudur DSP Zafar Siddique, the body of Ashok Raj buried in Kesava Murthy house was exhumed and an autopsy was performed there.

What is worse is that Kesavaraj has taken Ashokraj’s body parts and skin alone. Meanwhile, since the case of missing Mohammad Anas from Cholapuram area on the seventh of January last year is pending in the police station, has Kesa Murthy done anything about him? The police investigated. Because Mohammad Anas is also a friend of Kesava Murthy.

In this case, when Ashok Raj’s body was exhumed, a skull was found that looked like it had been buried several months ago. Doubts have also arisen that this skull belongs to Mohammed Anasin, who is said to have disappeared. According to police sources, it will be known only after the report of the Forensic Science Department is received.

Meanwhile, the police have seized a gold chain used by Mohammad Anas from Kesava Murthy’s house. According to the police, there were intoxicating plants from the house of Kesava Murthy, who had deceived the village by claiming that he was taking folk remedies. The police have also taken away those plants for examination.

The police also said that they will intensify their investigation if there are new complaints about missing persons in Cholapuram area. A diary was also seized from Kesava Murthy’s house. In it, he is said to have a list of those who have been treated. It is expected that more facts will come out if the police dig more pits and carry out intensive search in Kesava Murthy’s house which has created a lot of excitement. Kesavamurthy was lodged in Trichy Central Jail after the Papanasam Rights and Criminal Court judge ordered him to be remanded in judicial custody till the 4th.

The diary seized from Kesava Murthy’s house is expected to reveal more startling information. Along with this, the police are also collecting the list of recently missing persons in the area. It has been exposed that Kesava Murthy was killing in the guise of a country doctor like a psycho killer in films. This case has added to the hype as it is said that he also forced those who came to him for treatment for homosexuality.

It is also feared that the number of people killed by Kesavamurthy may be higher. The people of Cholapuram are shocked that such a psycho murderer is in the town.

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