Burglary at the house of the police Sakal

Burglary at the police house



Published on : 21 November 2023, 3:20 am



A policeman’s house was broken into

Incident in Gadhinglaj: Dalla on nine tolas of gold
Morning news service
Gadhinglaj, 21: Unknown persons broke into the house of a female police officer of the police station here and stole nine tola gold ornaments worth four and a half lakh rupees. This incident, which happened around midnight on Monday (20th), was noticed around 5:30 this morning.
Police said that Mahesh Ramchandra Gandwale has an old house in Mandekar Galli. Mahesh lives there with his wife and mother. Mahesh’s mother Maheri went to Kolhapur on Sunday (19th). Mahesh’s wife works in Gadhinglaj Police Station, while Mahesh works in a private job. On Monday (20th), Mahesh went to work at the usual time. On Sunday night, his wife Sampada was at home. On Monday, she again went to the police station for night duty. So Mahesh locked the old house and went to a room in Ayodhyanagar to sleep.
Meanwhile, as he had to go to work early this morning, he came to the old house around 5:30 in the morning. Then the door was locked from above. But the riddle was broken. As soon as we entered the first room, we saw that the contents of the cupboard were broken. The materials in the wooden cupboards in the inner room were also seen lying in disarray. Suspecting theft, Mahesh called his wife. After that, he immediately rushed to the house and looked in the cupboard, it became clear that there was no gold jewellery. In the complaint, Mahesh Gandwale has said that a total of 4 lakh 45 thousand 9 tolas of 2 grams of gold including four tola necklace, three and a half tola ranihar, seven gram ear-rings, half tola ear chain, three gram ring, two gram gold nath were stolen. Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajeev Navale, Inspector Gajanan Sargar visited the spot and inspected.

* Dogs barked, prints were found
Meanwhile, the police called the dog team and fingerprint experts to investigate the theft. Police said the dog team reached the main road and sniffed, while the experts got a fingerprint. Basically Mandekar Galli is of old houses. All houses are adjacent. Many houses have common walls. The street is designed in such a way that even a little noise can be heard in the neighboring houses. Residents say that there has never been a theft in this street before, but stealing here is a challenge. However, it is surprising that no one has traced the theft from the house of Gandhwale.

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