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Uttarakhand mine accident: 41 lives lost – watch the video and wait for the relations….!

Uttarakhand mine accident: 41 lives lost – watch the video and wait for the relations….!
Uttarakhand mine accident: 41 lives lost – watch the video and wait for the relations….!

This compilation takes a detailed look at the Uttarakhand mining accident as the rescue of 41 workers continues day and night.

In order to connect the 4 holy places of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri in the state of Uttarakhand, the Sardam highway project is underway for a distance of 900 km at a cost of 12 thousand crore rupees.
This road is important not only in terms of spirituality but also in terms of security. It is also said that by constructing this road, the BrahMos missile can be stopped near the Chinese border.

As part of the Sardam Expressway project, the 4.5 km Silkyara Bend – Bargat connecting Uttarakhand – Yamunotri will be constructed. A tunnel is being built in the distance. The workers were engaged in this work day and night.

8 State workers suffering

A part of the tunnel collapsed at 4 am on the 12th. 600 feet from the tunnel entrance, the tunnel suddenly collapsed and collapsed for a length of 120 feet. On the other side of this, 41 workers are stuck without being able to leave. In particular, 15 people from Jharkhand, 8 from Uttar Pradesh, 5 from Odisha, 4 from Bihar, 3 from West Bengal, 2 from Uttarakhand, 2 from Assam and 1 from Himachal Pradesh have been trapped.

The workers trapped in the tunnel are safe. They are kept in touch with them through walkie talkies. They have been given food packets. Heavy drilling rigs have been brought in. The drilling is being done very carefully and accurately as there is a possibility of soil subsidence if the drilling is done too fast.

Inspection by the Chief Minister

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Thami, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and others have visited the rescue work and are monitoring the work and giving advice. He said that the tunnel work is about four and a half kilometers long and the construction work has been completed for 4 kilometers. He said that the workers were caught in an unexpected accident and the rescue work is going on. Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted him and inquired about the rescue work.

Day and night rescue operation

While the tunnel work was going on day and night, after the accident rescue work is now going on day and night with the help of experts from various departments. Rescue operations are underway with 5 different projects from three sides of the tunnel collapse area. Accordingly, a small tube was inserted from the entrance of the tunnel through which prana vayu, dry fruits and foodstuffs were sent. In this case, a 6 inch pipe has also been successfully inserted. Through this, not only food items but also cooked food are sent inside. Subsequently, after 10 days, the workers ate khichdi and other things.

Video gives hope

The rescue team also sent an endoscopy camera through this tube and spoke to the workers. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Thami has posted a related video on his X website page. Of which, the first video was obtained by an endoscopy plexi camera at the Silkyara mine. Everyone’s health was checked. There is good news that the workers are safe and sound. Apart from this, another video of the rescue team talking to the workers through walkie talkie has also been released. In particular, the workers also come and speak in front of the camera after hearing a member of the rescue team say to come and speak in front of the camera.

Expert Panel Intensive

The robotics team of the Defense Research and Development Authority of India is also pitching in on the rescue mission. Arnold Dixin, head of the International Organization of Mines and tunnel rescue expert, has been invited there. Drilling from the top of the collapsed tunnel is planned and work has begun to rescue the workers. Dixin has researched which areas can be drilled and the potential components. He also gave constant advice.

Why the delay..?

In particular, a collapse occurred again during drilling through the rubble blocking the tunnel, which temporarily halted the work. Drilling in another area was interrupted by large boulders, which also halted the work. Attempts are being made to excavate the workers to a depth of 80 meters from the top of the tunnel. Heavy drilling equipment used by ONGC was brought there for this purpose. These tools have been taken to the top of the mountain. A separate road was also constructed for this purpose. Under the advice of international tunnel expert Arnold Diggs, the work is underway.

However, it has been reported that the rescue work will take another couple of days. Workers are often made to talk to relatives through walkie-talkies to keep them motivated. Workers continue to be reassured. Relatives are also waiting with the same hope.

Questions arise…?

Meanwhile, the Uttarakhand government has constituted a 6-member expert committee to investigate the accident. The experts in the team are investigating and investigating the causes of the landslide in the Silkyara tunnel. Was the geology of the area surveyed prior to commencement of mining operations? Is the soil firm enough to dig a mine…? Landslide potential elements have been studied…? Have safety facilities been provided to the workers..? This accident has also raised questions including All these aside, the first goal of all sides is to get everyone alive.

Opposition plea

Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya said, “I am not complaining about the rescue work. I will give full cooperation to the work. I don’t want to politicize this. However, the mine does not have any rescue plans. Why is there no way out in case of an accident..? This raises doubts. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should conduct an investigation into these activities,” said Leader of Opposition Yashpal Arya.

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