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What did Mohammed Shami say? Said- I was asked to play in the first match of the World Cup, but…

What did Mohammed Shami say? Said- I was asked to play in the first match of the World Cup, but…
What did Mohammed Shami say? Said- I was asked to play in the first match of the World Cup, but…

New Delhi. Mohammed Shami gave a memorable performance in the World Cup 2023. He created history by taking 7 wickets against New Zealand in the semi-finals. He is the only Indian to take 7 wickets in ODI cricket. But he did not get a chance in the playing XI in the first 4 matches of the tournament. Shami has said a big thing regarding this. He told that I was told that I would play from the first match, but suddenly everything changed. Talking about the 13th season of the World Cup, 33 year old fast bowler Mohammed Shami took the maximum of 24 wickets in the tournament. Shami performed well in 7 matches at an average of 11. 7 wickets for 57 runs was the best performance. Took 5 wickets 3 times. However, the Indian team could not win the title. In the final, Australia defeated Team India by 6 wickets.

While talking to PUMA India, Mohammed Shami said, before the start of the World Cup, I was told that I will play from the first match. But I did not get a chance in 1, 2, 3 and then 4 consecutive matches. During this time you have to remain mentally strong. He said that when I did not get a chance in four consecutive matches, I felt that something was wrong. Then when I see the team, it seems that everyone is performing well. At this time you have to control your mind.

doesn’t go to see the wicket
There was a lot of discussion about the wicket and pitch during the World Cup. Mohammed Shami said that I never go to see the wicket, because as a bowler you will not get any benefit from it. Only when you bowl the ball, you come to know about its nature. So why take pressure after seeing the wicket? He said that I always want to be relaxed. I am a village man and hence I keep my background in mind. Doesn’t fly in the air.

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Why play in the sun?
Regarding his entry into cricket, Mohammed Shami said that when I was young, my father used to play. Brother also had a hobby. But I used to wonder why these people play in Dhoom. I used to sit in the mango orchard and watch the match. Then slowly I also started playing. He told that bowlers are important in the match, they are the ones who win you the match. There are very few such occasions when batsmen score so many runs, no matter how you bowl.

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also did wicketkeeping
Mohammed Shami told that initially when I used to play cricket with leather ball, I used to bat only, but the role kept changing as per the need. On the question whether he ever did wicket-keeping, Mohammed Shami said that I kept playing with tennis ball till 2007. During this period, I used to stand forward and keep even against the fast bowlers. It is known that Shami has become the only Indian bowler to take 50 wickets in the history of the World Cup. Talking about his overall ODI career, Shami has so far taken 195 wickets in 101 matches at an average of 24. Has taken 4 wickets 10 times and 5 wickets 5 times. He has taken 229 wickets in Test and 24 wickets in T20 International.


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