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A woman’s body is half burnt

A woman’s body is half burnt
A woman’s body is half burnt

A woman’s body is half burnt
– Police who registered a case – Family members who say it was suicide
Praja Shakti- Somala:
On Tuesday morning, local people found the half-burnt dead body of a woman in an open space allotted to journalists next to Jagananna Colony near Somala, the mandal center and informed the police. Punganur CI Raghavareddy, who reached the scene of the incident, questioned the locals as to whether the woman had committed suicide or murder. According to the details of the CI, Vijayalakshmi (52), the wife of a retired teacher from Mandal Kendra Koteshwaraiah, fell down from the stairs 9 months ago and broke her leg and was treated in the hospital. She said that after the surgery, she has been swallowing pills as per the doctor’s advice and told her husband many times that she was unable to bear the pain in her leg. In the event, on Monday night, Vijayalakshmi’s husband and son had dinner together and went to sleep at night. Around 5 am, Vijayalakshmi was not in the house and searched the surrounding area. At the same time, Maturali’s husband and son Akhil reached the spot after learning about the woman’s death and identified the deceased as his mother, the police said, adding that they do not suspect anyone. The CI who registered the case said that they are investigating whether it was murder or suicide.

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