KALYAN | Ten days ago, a woman who gave birth to a girl died of dengue, the citizens created chaos in the clinic

Welfare: After the unfortunate death of a woman while undergoing treatment for dengue, citizens along with the woman’s relatives rioted at the doctors’ clinics. Meanwhile, there is preliminary information that the doctor and his colleague were beaten up. The incident took place in Waldhuni area of ​​Kalyan. The doctor has been detained by the police from the clinics. Further investigation is underway.

Priyanka Gaikwad, a 24-year-old woman living in Waldhuni area of ​​Kalyan West, came to her home. She has given birth to a daughter ten days ago. Priyanka lived with her husband at Chakan in Pune. She was fine when she came home. But three days ago she suffered. Priyanka went to Dr. Sunil Mandre’s clinic in this area for treatment. The doctor started treating her. The doctor said that there is no need to panic. I treat you. You will be fine. But Priyanka suffered more on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Priyanka died. The local citizens then rioted in the doctor’s clinics. Doctor White and his colleagues were in the clinics at this time. There is preliminary information that the doctor and his colleagues were beaten up. What do doctors complain about in this case? What do the police investigate? This has to be seen. On the other hand, what is Priyanka’s death? Whether the doctor’s negligence caused her death and what action is taken against the doctor will be revealed at the end of the police investigation. But due to this incident, there has been a stir.

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