Naga Panchami Serial Today November 29th Episode Written Update

Naga Panchami Serial Today November 29th Episode Written Update
Naga Panchami Serial Today November 29th Episode Written Update

Naga Panchami serial today November 29th Episode : Phanendra: We should try to take our princess to our world only after she turns into a snake. He told her not to cause any trouble when she was Panchami.

Nagadevata: That Swami said that means there is definitely justice in it. Acting against it will have no effect. You should stay there till the full moon of Yuvaraja Kartika and after turning into a snake, bring it to this world. Until then, watch out for the princess’s efforts to save Moksha and see them fail on the full moon day.

Phanendra: That Moksha is very intelligent Mata. He is trying to keep the princess on earth forever. Moksha seems to know some of the secrets of our heavenly world.

Nagadevata: There is a possibility that it will happen Yuvaraja All forces are working to help our princess in the world. There is plenty of opportunity to be known through Naga saints.

Phanendra: If the efforts of salvation are successful, there is no chance for the princess to return to Nagaloka.

Nagadevata: That can’t happen Yuvaraja.. The princess has to come to heaven. For that we must take tough decisions.

Phanendra: There is a chance for that, Mata. Salvation must die. Then there would be no need for the princess to stay in Bhuloka.

Nagadevata: I gave the princess till the next full moon to kill Moksha. Even on that day, if there is any obstacle and the princess turns into a snake and does not bite Moksha, you will bite Moksha and kill her.

Phanendra: In the meantime, it is possible that the princess will have to stay there forever because of the success of Moksha’s attempt. That is why they kill Mata Moksha now.

Nagadevata: No Yuvaraja.. No wrong should happen from our world. The promised deadline will remain till the full moon of Kartika. But if we feel any hindrance from the side of Moksha, then kill Moksha. Then don’t think at all.

Phanendra: This opportunity given to me by Chalu Mata will come when I have done a lot of work

Nagadevata: Tell the princess that Kartika Poorna is the last chance for the princess. Do you know that Kartika Poornami is very important to our world and we should give power to our princess on that day. I believe that you will complete the task no matter what.. Everything is in your hands, Yuvaraja.

Phanendra: I will not betray my trust. I will bring a princess to heaven and place her before you. Bless me Mata

On the other hand, everyone at home is tensed thinking about salvation. And Jwala and Chitra talk like they like it. Just then Moksha comes out of his room. Everyone is happy saying what happened to Moksha. And Moksha says to Sabari that if a great grandson is born to Sabari, name him grandfather, if a granddaughter is born, name him Sabari. Sabari gets happy saying good news. He says that soon a fruitful child will be in your hands. Panchamini says keep our baby in your womb and take care. We will keep it in our hearts and take care of it. Unfortunately there is no one for Panchami, you have to take care of yourself mom. Sabari takes everyone and says let’s all have sweet mouths. Chitra says that Moksha’s words are not believable. Jwala says Panchami will kill her if she is pregnant.

Panchami: (Come there if Subbu is in meditation) Subbu why are you always in meditation.

Subbu: Is it not enough time that the whole world has to go around, that’s why if you close your eyes, you will know everything.

Panchami: Great people are not enough to talk to you, and I am a small narcissist.

Subbu: You are forgetting your existence Panchami. You are a holy dragon. You also have special powers.

Panchami: I don’t want any of that, but now I have a mountain of problems in front of me. I don’t know how to deal with it

Subbu: Climb that hill Panchami then the problem will be under your feet.

Panchami: No kidding, I mean it. My husband knows everything about me. Now Moksha Babu is ready to sacrifice his life to keep me in this world. I don’t know what to do now. You appeared that’s why I came to you.

Subbu: Sacrifices do not change scriptures. It is not anyone’s generation to avoid destiny. Now the month of Kartika takes place. This month is an auspicious month. In this holy month, if you light the lamps faithfully and pray to Lord Shiva, he will show light to the dark lives, do that Panchami. Do whatever you do with complete faith. I have some important work to do this month and I wonder if I can go

Panchami: I don’t have the authority to say no. But I am able to step here with the courage that you are there. If you leave, there will be no one to guide me. I don’t know what is the relationship between us but I feel sad when you leave.

Subbu: I will be there for you Panchami.

On the other hand, Karali decides to sacrifice her life for not keeping her promise to her brother. It will burn in the fire. This concludes today’s episode.

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