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The lorry fell onto the railway track and the driver died

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Published: February 26, 2024 12:19 AM IST

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A lorry that fell on the railway track near Puliyara S bend in Tamil Nadu is being moved using pocline. Later, rail traffic was restored. Plywood sheets that fell from the lorry are also in the picture., Manikandan who died

Puliyara (Tamil Nadu) ∙ A lorry carrying plywood from Kerala to Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu fell 100 feet below the Chenkota – Punalur railway track on the Thirumangalam National Highway near the S bend and the driver died. The lorry was completely destroyed.

At the time of the incident, the train that was passing by was stopped by the locals who gave a warning and a major disaster was averted.

The lorry driver, Manikandan (34), died at Mettutheru, Thirunalveli, Mukkadal, Mayilappapuram. The accident happened at one o’clock yesterday morning. Perumal (28), a native of Kulaikanniangara, was seriously injured in Sankarankovil, who jumped out of the lorry when it overturned. He was appointed by Chenkota Govt. He was admitted to the hospital.

The Chennai-Kollam train was coming from Chenkota to Punalur when the lorry fell across the track. It also had a rake with a special train attached to Attukal Pongala.

The loco pilot stopped the train when he noticed that Vadakkuthiyammal (60), Shanmukhaiah (66) and Subramanian (61), who were residents of the accident, ran 50 meters away and flashed a warning light.

On learning of the accident, another train from Chennai also stopped at Chenkota Bhagavatipuram. The train passed after the lorry and others were urgently removed from the railway track.

It is suggested that the driver fell asleep while descending from Kotavasal and the lorry went out of control and overturned onto the railway track. Puliyara police registered a case. A year ago, a cargo lorry and a minivan fell on the railway track at the same place, but there were no casualties.

English Summary:

Lorry overturns on railway track in Tamilnadu, lorry driver died

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