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The verdict in the murder case against former DMK MLA today

The verdict in the murder case against former DMK MLA today
The verdict in the murder case against former DMK MLA today

CHENNAI: A special court will give verdict today against 12 people including former MLA, Ranganathan, DMK in the case of murder of a landlord.

Bhuvaneswaran hails from Koluthar Gandhinagar, Chennai. He is a disabled land broker. He was hacked to death by a mob on 10 Jan 2012 due to a land dispute. The Koluthar police registered a case and filed a charge sheet against Syed Ibrahim, Selvam, Murali and Kumar in the trial court.

Bhuvaneswaran’s father Siva filed a case in the Madras High Court as the name of DMK and former MLA Ranganathan, who was responsible for the murder, was not included in the charge sheet.

In 2014, the High Court quashed the charge sheet stating that there were inconsistencies and directed the CBI, headed by an officer not below the rank of DSP, to conduct an investigation and submit a report.

According to this order, against 12 people including CBI officers, DMK, former MLA, Ranganathan, Syed Ibrahim, Selvam, Satish, Murali, Kumar, Thanikasalam, Balachandran, who conducted the investigation. They filed a charge sheet in a special court.

The trial took place in the special court that hears cases against MPs and MLAs in the Chennai District Collectorate. Special court judge K. Ravi has ordered that the verdict in this case will be delivered today after the examination of the witnesses has been completed. Ranganathan, a former MLA, is currently the chairman of the Tamil Nadu Warehousing Corporation.

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