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Dead body of 10th class student found drowned in Maroda dam

Dead body of 10th class student found drowned in Maroda dam
Dead body of 10th class student found drowned in Maroda dam

Bhilai. The dead body of the student, who went missing while taking a bath in the Maroda Dam at the picnic yesterday, has been discovered by divers this morning. Gitansh Hirwani, a Class 10 student of Sector ‘0, has died in this accident, he was the son of a BSP worker and the only brother among two sisters. SDRF divers took out the dead body of the deceased student from the dam this morning. Yesterday Gitansh along with ten of his friends had gone for a picnic on the banks of the dam in the afternoon. Meanwhile, he got into the water to take a bath. He died due to drowning in deep water. Police has sent the dead body for postmortem.
Utai police station in-charge said that the deceased student is a resident of Sector 10 of Bhilai. Gitansh Hirwani went for a picnic with friends at the Dam on Thursday. The student’s friends told that they were all sitting together having dinner. Meanwhile, Gitansh went towards the water of the dam and got down and started taking bath. When he didn’t return after ten minutes, I went and looked and he was nowhere to be seen. After this all of them were very scared, so after a long time they told everyone that Gitansh had drowned in the dam. The police is currently investigating the matter by establishing a case.

Deep divero of SDRF team discovered the dead body

District Municipal Fighter / SDRF and Fire Officer Durg Nagendra Kumar Singh told that the body of the deceased was taken out by deep driving after searching on Newai Dam by the SDRF team and the dead body was sent to Newai police station for further action. Handed over to and the reason for the drowning of the deceased is believed to be unknown. In the team SDRF incharge Dhaniram Yadav, Deep driver Rajkumar Yadav, Narottam Chandel SDRF rescue team Rajesh Netam, Ramesh, Ashish, Chandrapratap, Sharda, Omkar, Mohan, Habib Khan did commendable work .

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