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Murder in Indore: Kinnar said that your face is useless, so Noor killed

– Busted: After the murder, Noor Mohammad cut the pieces of Kinnar Zoya with a knife to cut mutton

Murder in Indore: Indore, Naiduniya Rep. The murder of the missing Kinnar Zoya has been exposed. Khajrana Police has arrested Noor Mohammad of Khajrana. He killed by calling in Khajrana and later cut the body into pieces. The accused has been arrested on the basis of call details and tower location. Inquiries are going on in relation to who was involved in the murder. The search is on to find where the torso was thrown.

Accused Noor Mohammad told the police that he had befriended Zoya Kinnar through Facebook. Noor’s wife is pregnant and she had gone home. Noor wanted to have a relationship with Zoya and that’s why he called Zoya. When Noor looked dirty in appearance, Zoya refused to have a relationship. Enraged by this, Noor hits Zoya on the head with a heavy object, which kills Noor.

Police told that Noor’s father works as a sacrificer. Noor cut Zoya into pieces with a santoor (mutton cutting knife) kept in the house. He kept Zoya’s torso in the bed in the house itself. After this the lower part was thrown from the scooter and came.

According to TI Dinesh Verma, the body of Mohsin alias Zoya Kinnar, a resident of Chandan Nagar (Nala Par) was found on Tuesday morning on an empty plot located at MR-10. Only the lower part of the body (below the waist) was in the sack. He was cut with a sharp weapon. The police gathered information from Zoya’s relatives and on the basis of her mobile’s call details and tower location, caught Noor Mohammad of Khajrana from Juni Indore.

The accused admitted to killing Zoya in the initial interrogation itself. According to sources, the murder took place due to illicit relations. It is suspected that there is someone else with Noor in the incident. Police is interrogating him. Half of the dead body (upper part) is also being searched.

Zoya went out with her brother saying to buy a car

The body could not be identified due to the absence of the upper part of the body. After checking the missing report, it was found that Zoya has been missing since August 27. When he called his kinsman, he recognized him after seeing his chunri. The brothers told that Zoya had left the house saying to buy a car. Her aunt’s son Abid brought her from the rickshaw. When the police took out the CCTV footage of Asharfinagar, Zoya was seen talking on the mobile. The last call in the call detail turned out to be that of Noor Mohammad. The last location of both was also found in Asharfi Nagar. When two eunuchs were caught late in the night, they told only the name of Noor.

Posted By: Sameer Deshpande

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