The central government has banned the export of wheat flour and maida!

The central government has banned the export of wheat flour and maida!
The central government has banned the export of wheat flour and maida!
In May, the central government had banned the export of wheat from India. In this situation, export of wheat flour, maida and semolina, whole grain atta has been banned on Saturday. This step has been taken to prevent the price of these products from rising domestically.

An announcement was made by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade regarding this decision already taken by the Central Cabinet. However, subject to the conditions of the central government, it has been informed that some of these products may be allowed to be exported.

In this regard, in the notification issued by this directorate, it has been informed that “wheat flour, maida, semolina, whole grain atta have been added to the prohibited list from the permitted list for export”. It is also informed that this notification does not apply to the restrictions of the foreign trade policy established for the period 2015-20.

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Earlier, the central government had decided on the 25th to ban wheat flour. The decision was taken in a meeting of the Union Cabinet on Economic Affairs. As the price of wheat continued to rise in the domestic market, its export was banned last May to ensure food security.

As demand for wheat flour increased abroad, exports began to increase. As a result, prices started to rise in the domestic market as well.

Exports of wheat flour increased by 200 percent during April-July 2022 compared to 2021. As a result, prices in the domestic market started to rise. India exported wheat worth around $246 million during the last 2021-2022 period. During the April-June period of the current financial year, exports stood at $128 million.

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At domestic retail, wheat prices increased by 22 per cent to Rs 31.04 in August from Rs 25.41 last year. Similarly, the average auto retail price also increased by 17 percent to Rs 35.17. Meanwhile, owners of flour mills had expressed their concerns to the government about the shortage of wheat.

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