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Rishi Panchami 2022: This story is related to the menstruation of women, know the importance of Rishi Panchami fast


Rishi Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month.
On Rishi Panchami, special prayers are offered to the Saptarishis.

Shukla Panchami date of Bhadrapada month is considered very important for women, which is celebrated as Rishi Panchami. (Rishi Panchami) is called. There is a tradition of celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan in some societies along with the worship of Saptarishis on this day. Especially women also fast on this day. Who is considered to be the giver of all the happiness and splendor in life and liberation in the end times. about it Bhavishya Purana There is also a story in this, which is related to the menstruation of women. same story here today Pandit Indramani Ghansyal It is telling, in which the greatness of this fast is also hidden.

Story of Rishi Panchami
In the Satyuga city of Vidarbha, there were kings like sages named Shyenjit. Under whose rule a farmer Sumitra and his wife Jayashree were living a religious life. Those who were engaged in farming work at one time in the rainy season. During this time, Jayashree became menstruating, but even after finding out about it, she continued to work.

When both the husband and wife died after the completion of their age, Jayashree got the vagina of a bitch and Sumitra got the bull’s vagina due to being in contact with the menstrual cycle. Since both of them did not have any fault other than Ritu Dosh, in such a situation they remembered their previous birth. Due to which he started living with his son Suchitra in his house even in the vaginas of bitches and bulls. Suchitra was also a godly person. One who once invited Brahmins for a feast on his father’s Shradh.

started kicking the bitch
Meanwhile, when his wife went out of the kitchen for some work, a snake from behind spewed venom into the kitchen pudding pot, which the bitch saw. In such a situation, to save the son from the sin of killing Brahma, he also put his mouth in that vessel.

Seeing this, Suchitra’s wife Chandravati angrily took out the burning wood from the stove and started killing the bitch and also threw out the leftovers she kept for her. After this, cooked food afresh and fed it to the Brahmins. After this, when she felt hungry at night, the bitch went to her husband who became a crying bull, where he told the whole story of the day.

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Remedy for fasting of Rishi Panchami
Then the husband became a bull and said, Oh dear! Because of your sins, I am also in this vagina. While carrying the burden, my back has also broken. The son did not give food to him even after plowing the field for the whole day. killed him too. In this way he also spoiled my Shradh. Both of them were talking, when their son also reached there and listened to them, after which, repenting, he fed them both and went to the forest after being saddened by their misery. Where he went and asked the sages and sages to get rid of their mother and father’s bitch and bull vagina. Then the sage Sarvatama, along with his wife, told the fast of Rishi Panchami as his remedy.

He said that on Shukla Panchami of Bhadrapada month, after purifying the mouth and bathing in the holy water of the river in the afternoon, wearing new silk clothes and worshiping the Saptarishis including Arundhati. This will liberate both. Methodically, he fasted on Rishi Panchami, due to which both his parents got freedom from the animal vagina. It is believed that a woman who reverently observes the fast of Rishi Panchami, she attains all material pleasures and finally attains liberation.

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