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Jagannathpur: Bike collides with railing of culvert, one dead, other serious

Jagannathpur (Chandan Kumar) : A bike collided with the railing and crashed on the culvert located on the Haat Gamharia Kendposi road. In this accident, one person riding the bike died on the spot, while the other is seriously injured. The incident happened on Wednesday night around 10 pm. On receiving information about the incident, the injured were immediately admitted to the Community Health Center by the Haat Gamharia policemen in a private vehicle. Where after first aid the injured has been referred to Sadar Hospital.

Injured being treated in health center.

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Rugira Biruwa had gone to Haat Gamharia to fill petrol

According to the information received, Rugira Biruwa, a resident of Bada Mriglindi under Haat Gamharia police station area, had come on a bike to drop her relative at Kendposi railway station. But due to the missing of the train, Rugira had gone to Haat Gamharia to fill petrol with his relative. But his bike collided uncontrollably on the culvert some distance from Kendraposi, due to which the person sitting behind died on the spot. At the same time, Rugira, who was driving the bike, was seriously injured. Rugira Biruva has suffered serious injuries at various places including head, hands. Here, on information, the police is investigating the matter by taking the dead body of the deceased from the spot.

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