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82 people killed per day.. 11 kidnappings.. NCRB report | Average 82 murders a day, 11 kidnappings, abduction every hour in India in 2021: NCRB data


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Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 20:38 [IST]

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Crime rate is increasing in the country. The number of murders and kidnappings will double. This has been reported by the National Crime Records Bureau. It reported that 82 people are dying every day across the country. More than 11 are being kidnapped. In Jharkhand, one in one lakh people are murdered. Kidnappings are happening more in Delhi.

A total of 29,272 murders took place in 2021. 0.3 percent less than last year. Last year, 29,193 cases were reported. NCRB has reported to this extent. One lakh thousand 707 cases were reported in 2021. In 2020, there were 84 thousand 805 cases. That means 19.9 percent of the cases have come. One lakh people were saved that year.

Average 82 murders a day, 11 kidnappings, abduction every hour in India in 2021: NCRB data

3717 cases in Uttar Pradesh, 2799 cases in Bihar, 2330 cases in Maharashtra, 2034 cases in Madhya Pradesh, 1884 cases in West Bengal. 459 in Delhi.. 478 people died under NCRCB.

9765 disputes in murder cases in 2021.. 3782 cases personal revenge, enmity, 1692 cases for profit. In terms of murders, there are 1573 cases in Jharkhand and 16 cases in Andaman and Nicobar Islands per 100,000 people. The crime rate for murder in Delhi is 2.2 percent. 17,605 men and 86,543 women were kidnapped cases. There is a transgender.

  • Daughter: Cunning’s daughter who killed her mother with poison, Rs. 8 lakhs!

  • Illegal affair: What sketch did the boyfriend make to put the girlfriend’s husband in jail?

  • Illegal affair: Job in the same company, wife who killed her husband with a missed call, sketch reverse, Dhamal!

  • Midnight: They locked the door outside the house, poured petrol and set it on fire, the wife lost her life, what happened?!

  • First Night: My wife is bitten everywhere, Chandramukhi is showing the movie, save yourself, it’s a case!

  • Friends: Movie, 16-year-old boy who killed a 13-year-old boy, pakkasketch, shocked to know the real matter!

  • Missing: The wife who went to UPSC coaching and gave coaching to her boyfriend, what did the husband do with the second mistake?!

  • Wife: What did the husband see when he went home? He beat his wife to death on the spot, in the end!

  • Lady: Cunning auto driver, what did he do to Aunty late at night?, in 80 CCTV cameras, in the climax!

  • Illegal affair: How many people do you need?

  • Illegal affair: For comfort in bed? !

  • liplock: The lady who was killed with a mouth kiss in the jail, lip locked with a woman in rage, murder in movie style!

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English summary

82 people were murdered daily across India in 2021, while more than 11 kidnappings were reported every single hour during the year, according to the latest National Crime Records Bureau report.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 20:38 [IST]

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