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Maharashtra News Nashik News Ganeshotsav Brothers Drowned In Yeola

Nashik News : Nashikof (Nashik) came An unfortunate incident has taken place in (Yeola) taluka and two youths who went to swim in Agasti river in Bhatgaon Shivara. death by drowning The incident has happened.

While there is an atmosphere of Ganeshotsav everywhere, in Yevla taluk, this incident is causing a stir. Deepak Dilip Mitke and Tushar Devidas Ugle are the names of the two youths who died in the accident. Deepak Mitke was a 12th passer, while his uncle Tushar Ugle was studying in his first year at the Diploma College of SND Education Institute at Babulgaon, near Bhadgaon. Also, Tushar was staying with his maternal uncle in Bhadgaon for his education.

According to the police, the two had gone for a swim in the dam on Tuesday afternoon. At that time both of them drowned as they did not anticipate the water. Both of them drowned. As soon as the information about the incident came to light, Yevla City Police Inspector Bhagwan Mathure, Police Sub-Inspector Suraj Medhe, Assistant Sub-Inspector Kiran Sonwane, Constable Sachin Raut, Madhukar Jethe etc rushed to the spot. Meanwhile, the police took out the dead bodies of the two from the harbor with the help of the swimming youths of the village. He was admitted to the district hospital for further action.

Meanwhile, grief is being expressed as two children died in an accident on the eve of Ganeshotsav. This incident has brought grief to both the families and mourning has spread over Bhadgaon village as well. As Mitke’s family members wailed, the women broke into pieces. Painting of Kalij was seen in the settlement

Death while swimming in Malegaon town
A heart-wrenching incident has taken place in Malegaon city where a 20-year-old youth died of a heart attack while going for a swim in a swimming pool in Malegaon city. The dead youth has been identified as Jayesh Bharat Bhavsar. Jayesh had gone to swim in a swimming pool in Shivajinagar area. At this time, while swimming, he suddenly started suffering. This time his friends pulled him out of the water. Meanwhile, as his condition worsened, he was taken to a private hospital and later to a general hospital for treatment, but it had already claimed his life.

The rate of heart disease increased
Recently, the rate of heart disease among the youth has increased a lot. Due to changing lifestyle and eating habits, the incidence of heart disease among young people has increased in recent times. Last week, Kaustubh Hudlikar, a construction professional from Indiranagar, Nashik, died of a heart attack while going for trekking. Also, Sachin Tapadia of Parbhani died of a heart attack after sitting playing badminton while Karan Pawar, a 20-year-old boy also died of a heart attack while running during police recruitment.

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