Kadiam Constable: Constable with her.. naked on the road

Kadiam Constable: Constable with her.. naked on the road
Kadiam Constable: Constable with her.. naked on the road

Published Date: August 31, 2022

Kadiam Constable: If those who should be told wrong are making mistakes…people are complaining to whom to tell for justice. In a responsible profession, the whole department is getting a bad name because of the bad things done by some people. A police constable who had to say that extra-marital relations are wrong. The people crushed him on the road saying that whoever did the wrong thing needs to be brought to justice. This incident came to light in East Godavari district.

Going into the details…Uday Bhaskar is working as a constable in Kadiam Police Station of East Godavari District. Everyone there knows about him. As soon as he sees a girl, he can’t help but fall for her. Recently, the name of Uday Bhaskar became famous in the case of molesting the husband of a woman. Even so, Buddhi Rani Uday Bhaskar was recently caught cross-talking with a woman by the villagers. In broad daylight he sneaks into a married woman’s house and engages in flirtatious conversation with her. When Vadya Bhaskar entered the house, he told the rest of the villagers and they all together held him in the house. He was brought out naked and crushed. Saduru constable, who managed to escape from them, ran away. The villagers filed a complaint against him at the Kadiam Police Station. It seems that the superiors who registered a case against him suspended him.

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