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NATIONAL | The cruel atrocities committed in 1975…. Did the Congress give birth to the Janata Party? Whose fault is it?

NATIONAL | The cruel atrocities committed in 1975…. Did the Congress give birth to the Janata Party? Whose fault is it?
NATIONAL | The cruel atrocities committed in 1975…. Did the Congress give birth to the Janata Party? Whose fault is it?

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The central government of earlier times, i.e. during the emergency period, was absolutely hated. The society was seriously discussing price hike, nepotism and corruption. Indira Gandhi’s authoritarian tendencies were the most talked about country. Resentment against Indira Gandhi’s activities was also growing within the Congress. After the verdict of the Allahabad High Court, the demand for Indira Gandhi’s resignation became stronger in the Congress.

Indira Gandhi’s youngest son Sanjay Gandhi, his friends RK Dhawan, Haryana Chief Minister Bansilal and Bengal Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Ray were everywhere. Indira Gandhi also did not control them. Their scandals including corruption were always reported by the media.

At that time, Sanjay Gandhi jumped over the wall of an all-girls hostel which became big news. Sanjay Gandhi’s Marutikar scheme was the biggest scam India has ever seen. He was boiling at the time. Thus the Indira government was isolated from the people in every way.

After 21 months of emergency from June 25, 1975 to March 21, 1977, the country went to the polls. By that time, a strong opposition group was ready against Indira Gandhi. Apart from the Congress, the Swatandra Party, the Socialist Party of India, the Bharatiya Jana Sangh and the Lok Dal, Jagajeevan Ram and H.N. The Janatamunnani was formed by Bahuguna and Nandini Sadpathi and ‘Congress for Democracy’.

The Janata Party came to power by winning 295 seats in the 542-member Lok Sabha. On March 24, 1977, Morarji Desai took over as the Prime Minister. He remained in that position till July 1979. Then everything fell apart. That’s another story. Does the current regime change have any similarities with the regime change mentioned above and the chaos it created…? No need to think twice about saying no. Let’s check.

Indira Gandhi’s dictatorship and corruption were the biggest issue of the day. It was discussed throughout the country. Within the Congress itself, people like Chandrashekhar posed a big challenge to Indira Gandhi. It was violating all party lines. The inflation was severe. The first outbreak against it was seen in Gujarat. Other states were also in the same position.

Then there were the extreme atrocities that took place during the Emergency and the censorship imposed on the media. Illegal arrests of big and small leaders including Jayaprakash Narayanan. Black Laws brought into practice. After the emergency was lifted, all of this was covered in the media.

On top of all this, we got a leader like Jayaprakash Narayan to lead the opposition ideologically and practically. Thus, the 1977 elections came before a nation that was ready to explode in every sense. They behaved as reserved. Everything came together at the right time.

What is significant about the BJP government to compare with the above…..? Let’s take the case of corruption itself. In the last eight years, the opposition has not come up with a single corruption allegation. No matter what other accusations are made, Modi government cannot be said to be a corrupt government. There are no major differences in the party. Except that there are some inconveniences in some state units. BJP has the leadership at the national level with the ability and will to solve all that.

Even though there is a year and a half left for the elections, they have already started moving things with precision. Even Kerala, where there is no hope, has not been postponed. Big plans to attract and retain minorities and Dalits, including Muslims, were not only formulated but also put into practice.

The BJP and the government are working like a well-oiled machine. They don’t waste a single moment. In short, Modi does not have to face anything from the party, the government or the public that Indira Gandhi faced in the early seventies.

The article is in Malayalam

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