The enmity between China, Japan and Taiwan and India’s role in nurturing the national interest!

(Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

1. Out of 11 missiles fired by China on Taiwan, 5 missiles fell in the border of Japan and its reasoning!

‘China has started showing its fury after the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan. China has started many activities against Taiwan. He has surrounded Taiwan from all sides. Efforts are also being made to stop commercial boats coming to Taiwan from outside. A few days ago, China fired 11 missiles at Taiwan, out of which 5 missiles fell into the Sea of ​​Japan. The actual target (target) was Taiwan; But those missiles fell in Japan! Here we should keep one thing in mind that Nancy Pelosi ended her trip to Taiwan and went to South Korea and from there to Japan. Because of that China is likely to take this step to warn Japan.

Two things can happen in this. One, that missile may have been dropped there by mistake or it may have been deliberately dropped near Japan. The quality of Chinese weapons cannot be guaranteed and the basic facilities manufactured by them are also of low standard. The quality of their products is also very low, this has been proved many times. Many times Chinese people also do not use ‘Made in China’ products, it is said, but they give priority to the use of foreign goods.

2. China likely to fire missiles to warn Japan and China due to hostilities

When Nancy Pelosi arrived in Japan, missiles were fired there. ‘China must have done this intentionally’, this cannot be denied. Japan is also an enemy of China and there is a dispute between these two countries over the ‘Senkaku’ island. For so many years, Japan was unwilling to spend money on security reasons; But in today’s time, due to the fear of China, Japan has started increasing its defense ‘budget’. This is happening for the first time since the Second World War. This raises the question, ‘Will now China do mischief with Japan?’

3. If China fought against Taiwan in the traditional way, then it would have to shed blood on a large scale!

China has already been playing pranks with Taiwan. China has cyber attack on Taiwan. China is said to have carried out the world’s largest cyber (information-technology) attack on Taiwan’s infrastructure and ‘network’. But since Taiwan’s security system was powerful, it did not have a special result on it. China is now trying to stop the ongoing trade with Taiwan. China is going to suffer because of that; Because ‘semiconductors’ (a part used in electronic equipment) made in Taiwan are used extensively in China. In today’s time, Chinese aircraft keep trying to enter the border of Taiwan, to which Taiwan responds immediately. Taiwan has also activated its air defenses and missiles.

All three military forces of Taiwan are very capable. They have state-of-the-art weapons. Even if there was a war with it, Taiwan can also answer China in the same way as Ukraine answered Russia. Taiwan has strengthened the security of the coast keeping in mind that ‘China may attack Taiwan from the sea’ at any time; So if China attempted to make a conventional attack, it would have to suffer a lot of bloodshed there.

4. The Chinese army, lacking the courage to fight by the traditional method, is likely to continue only a ‘hybrid war’ (war without firing a single shot)

The question arises, ‘Will America help Taiwan?’ The US military did not directly participate in the Battle of Ukraine; But aided Ukraine with arms. The situation today is that the US has landed its ‘aircraft carrier’ (aircraft boat) in the South Chinese Sea. So if necessary, the US can provide Taiwan with its air force and naval support; But the question is, ‘Will the American leadership be able to show its will?’ China was trying to show fear to America by being grandiose. A few days ago, China threatened the US not to send Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, otherwise her plane would be shot down; But even then Pelosi came to Taiwan, threatening not to let her out; But Pelosi completed his journey and China could not spoil him. The likelihood of China going to war in the traditional way appears very slim; But their unconventional war i.e. ‘Hybrid War’ (Propaganda War, Cyber ​​War, Economic War etc.) will continue. China will try to increase it on a large scale. China may even start a trade war against America. In today’s time, the Chinese army does not have the courage to conduct conventional warfare.

5. It is necessary for India to cherish the national interest by continuing economic relations with Taiwan.

India does not have political ties with Taiwan; So India does not have an embassy in that country. even if it be so; But the trade of India and Taiwan is growing rapidly.
Huh . In the field of technology also, relations between Taiwan and India are good. Taiwan is making a large amount of foreign investment in India. If India has to progress at a rapid pace, then state-of-the-art technology is needed for that. The technology America is giving to India is expensive. Israel also supplies technology to India on a commercial scale, in comparison to that Taiwan supplies technology at a slightly lower cost. Against this background, India should secretly enhance economic ties with Taiwan; But there is no need to conduct conventional warfare. There is no need to even abuse China by shouting at the news channels. India should cherish its national interest in peace by continuing to do what it has to do.

– (Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune

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