Attack alternately.. Russian-Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war.. Unstoppable conflict! | Russian-Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war… video footage released


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Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 17:29 [IST]

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Kiev: It has been almost 6 months since Russia started its military operations against Ukraine. While the war may still be going on, video clips of the war have been released.

Due to this war, Ukraine is facing severe economic crisis. Schools, factories, hospitals have all been destroyed.

Russian-Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the war... video footage released

But while the war is still not over, video footage of Russian soldiers and Ukrainian soldiers taking turns fighting has been released.

In a document released by then US Secretary of State James Baker after the fall of the Soviet Union, he told Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Korpuszev that NATO would not expand eastward. But in contrast former Soviet Union countries were gradually integrated into NATO. Following this, in 2008, Georgia and Ukraine were offered NATO membership.

This raises the risk of direct NATO deployment in Ukraine. In this case, this was the beginning of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. How can America’s NATO presence in Ukraine, a neighbor of Russia and a former part of its country? As Russia continued to protest, it eventually erupted into war. From the outside, this is a Russia-Ukraine war.

But this is really a Russo-American war. In the past few months, the US Congress has given $5.4 billion in aid to Ukraine. This is more than 80 percent of Russia’s military budget. However, 30 percent of Ukraine’s infrastructure has been razed to the ground due to the ongoing war. Thousands of soldiers died on both sides.

In this case, a new video has been released regarding the war. In it, the soldiers of both sides take turns shooting and fighting. The fight took place on a bridge in Biscay. Under the bridge are Ukrainian soldiers and above the bridge are Russian soldiers. In any case, the world nations have insisted that both sides should carry out cease-fire measures in the face of inevitable casualties on the battlefield.

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(Video of Russian-Ukrainian soldiers fighting on a bridge in Pisky, Ukraine has been released): Intense footage of close combat between Russian and Ukrainian forces by a bridge in Pisky.

Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2022, 17:29 [IST]

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