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15% toll hike in 28 Tamil Nadu customs booths from today – price of essential goods will rise further! | Fee hike in 28 Tamil Nadu toll gates from today


oi- Mathivanan Maran

Updated: Thursday, September 1, 2022, 10:13 [IST]

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CHENNAI: 15% fee hike has come into effect in 28 toll booths in Tamil Nadu from today. Due to this, the people are suffering a lot.

A total of more than 800 customs booths are functioning in the country. Fees are being collected in more than 600 of these.

Fee hike in 28 Tamil Nadu toll gates from today

Tamil Nadu has the largest number of customs booths in India. There are total 48 chunk booths in Tamil Nadu. The public alleges that the tolls charged at these toll booths are daylight robbery. Public and political parties demand that toll booths should be removed in Tamil Nadu.

There have been several phases of protests against customs booths in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Life Rights Party and Naam Tamilar Party are opposing these toll booth fees and attacking them.

In a statement issued by the President of BAMA, Anbumani, a few days ago, BAMA continues to emphasize that there is no transparency in the collection of tolls at toll booths. National highways should be fully tolled only for a maximum period of 15 years or till the investment made therefor is recovered; Thereafter the rule is that only maintenance charges should be charged. However, most of the national highways in Tamil Nadu have been constructed for more than 15 years. Also most of the investment made for roads has been taken. Only 40% toll should be collected for maintenance on such roads. But how is it fair to charge full tolls on all roads without giving any reason? He was also questioning.

Today, 28 customs booths in Tamil Nadu are charging an additional 15%. This 15% additional toll hike has come into force at 28 toll booths from today. Additional charges ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 150 are being collected at 28 toll booths such as Dharmapuri, Trichy Samayapuram, Karur, Ulundurpet, Vikravandi and Omalur. Due to this hike, the price of essential commodities is going to increase further. This will affect the public very badly.

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English summary

The National Highways Authority of India has implemented new toll fee by 15 percent in 28 Tamilnadu toll plazas from today.

The article is in Tamil

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