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The game was going on in RTO for five months, another doctor arrested. The game was going on in RTO for five months, another doctor arrested

IndoreOne hour agoWriter: Kapil Rathore

Tejaji Nagar Police has arrested another doctor on Wednesday night in the fake medical certificate case in Indore RTO. This is the second case of the arrest of the doctor in this case in the last two days. Earlier, Tejaji Nagar police on Monday arrested Rekha Bhatia, who had a doctorate degree from Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Bhatia is currently in jail. The name of the doctor caught on Wednesday is Sanjay Gupta. Dr. Gupta has been apprehended by the police from Ahilya Nagar residence in Annapurna area. Gupta is also accused of giving fake medical certificates. Read further, who is the master mind of this whole scandal, since when and how was he doing fraud….

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Thousands of fake licenses issued in five months

The police is looking for the absconding mastermind of this whole case. He had hired a female doctor who had given the fake certificate. After taking the certificate from the doctor, he used to upload it on the website. The police suspect that since the last five months, since the process of taking online certificates instead of hard copies in the RTO, the doctor and the absconding accused were committing fraud together. It is believed that the number of such fake licenses could be in the thousands.

Higher officials are also likely to join the racket

According to TI RD Kanwa, the police is still looking for Lalit Jain in the case of fake medical certificate. Doctor Rekha Bhatia resident Mahavir Avenue used to give fake medical certificates to him. After which he used to upload it on the website. Police suspect that senior level officers of RTO are also involved in this racket along with Jain. More names are likely to be revealed after his arrest.

Medical license of Dr Gupta

Now know about the doctor who used to give fake medical certificate…
husband’s medicine factory on aerodrome road
The police had arrested Dr Rekha Bhatia, who issued the certificate in this entire case, two days ago and sent her to jail. Seal and degree have been confiscated from Bhatia. A letter has also been written to the Medical Council in this matter. After the reply comes from there, it will be posted in the copy of the court. So that solid evidence can be kept against Rekha. There is a medicine factory near the Bijasan Mata temple of Rekha’s husband Anil Bhatia. Police is also extracting his information. The police have also seized documents related to the drug factory.

Doctor Rekha Bhatia who issued the certificate

Doctor Rekha Bhatia who issued the certificate

I’m a doctor, put me in the medical ward
When Rekha Bhatia, a female doctor who took a degree from Karachi, Pakistan, reached the jail here, she told the officials that she was a female doctor. He should be kept in the medical ward away from other prisoners. However, the officials have said to shift them to the general women’s cell after three days under the corona protocol. According to the officials, the doctor is being given normal diet like the common prisoners. He has not made any demand for anything till now.
Doctor’s certificate data sought from RTO officials
Indore Police has written a letter to RTO. In which information has been sought for those licenses for five months, in which the certificates of female doctors were installed. RTO Jitendra Raghuvanshi and ARTO Archana Mishra have not yet handed over any records to the police in this case. According to senior police officers, licenses made in a fake manner will be canceled completely.
License can also be made for people of incompetent or criminal tendency
There is no provision in the RTO department to check the seal and sign of doctors. In such a situation, there is every possibility of getting a license for a disabled person or people of criminal nature. After the disclosure of this fraud, the RTO has issued a release asking for the names of doctors to be registered on the RTO website. This will not cause any problem in future licenses.

The agent who got the license in the RTO arrested in the case.

The agent who got the license in the RTO arrested in the case.

Action was taken against them in fake medical certificate
The police arrested Anil Jagmkar, Amar Sonar, Sharif Ahmed Noor, Raju Singh Tomar, Rahul Prajapat, Firoz Saeed Khan and Rohit Mathe. Here the name of L Jain came up. After this the information of Dr Rekha Bhatia came out. He also talked about the role of L Jain in this case.

There is more news…

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