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Pedestrians get injured after falling and fall, resulting in a series of accidents Dinamalar

Pedestrians get injured after falling and fall, resulting in a series of accidents Dinamalar
Pedestrians get injured after falling and fall, resulting in a series of accidents Dinamalar

In Velachery, Velachery, the people of the area have demanded that a ‘chilap’ should be put in the drainage ditch that has been demolished to pump rainwater, as pedestrians are getting blocked and falling. There are more than 300 houses in Sitaram Nagar, 177th Ward, Velachery, Adayar Mandal. Here, the rain water that runs off has to go through the drains on the Velachery main road. Thus, every time it rains, the water coming from the street drain is pumped out by motor. For this purpose, two years ago, the drain at the junction of Sitaram Nagar main road and Velachery main road was broken. The people of the area insisted on closing it with ‘silap’. But as it is not closed, it is left open. As it is adjacent to the footpath, pedestrians get blocked and fall at night. Two days ago, an old man fell into a ditch and got injured. There is an electric ‘cable’ next to the ditch, so there is a possibility of disaster. Due to the newly constructed flyover, the width of the side road has decreased.Thus, when the traffic jam increases, there is a risk of careless motorists getting into the ditch. Moreover, during heavy rains, there is a possibility of an accident due to rain water filling up without knowing the existence of the ditch. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, the municipal authorities have requested that the municipal authorities should take necessary measures to cover the drainage ditch with ‘chilap’.

In Velachery, residents of Velachery demanded that the drainage ditch, which was destroyed to pump rainwater, should be covered by a ‘silap’ as pedestrians were being blocked and falling.

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