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Traffic lights on highway dangerous situation between Shankarwadi to Central, possibility of accident

Traffic lights on highway dangerous situation between Shankarwadi to Central, possibility of accident



Published on : 31 August 2022, 9:41 am




Pimpri, 31: Some of the closed street lights between Shankarwadi and Central Chowk on the Pune Mumbai highway in the Dehur Road Cantonment Board limits are in a state of collapse and there is a possibility of an accident.
Vigilant citizens have demanded that the dangerous poles should be removed immediately. LED lights were installed 8 years ago by the cantonment with the aim of making the night travel of the citizens in the cantonment area safe. But after some time due to neglect of maintenance and repair by the local administration for some reason, it remains closed till today.
Some of the lights on the poles are dislodged while others are in a state of falling. On the other hand some of the pillars are in bent position. As Pune-Mumbai is a national highway, traffic continues day and night. If a lamp or a pole falls, a two-wheeler or a big vehicle accident is possible. Therefore, the citizens have demanded that the local administration should pay attention to the maintenance and start these LED lights and also remove the dangerous poles. Meanwhile, Cantonment Chief Executive Officer Amit Kumar Mane could not be contacted. Meanwhile, Dhondiba Shelar, Mrinal Mali, Sadanand Shelar, Govind Shelar from Shelarwadi have also demanded to start street lights.

Eight years ago, these LED lamps were manufactured by ‘IRB’. There was a fault in the cable. The lights are still off on the issue of who should spend. However, the common people are being inconvenienced.
-Ashoka Rao Shelar, Former Vice President Cantonment

Cantonment office is closed today as it is Ganapati holiday. Tomorrow (H. 1) instructions will be given to the electricity department to inspect the street lights and remove the dangerous poles.
– Adv. Kailas Pansare, Nominee Member Cantonment

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