93 year old woman died after drinking juice actually drink washing liquid in America mhpl

Washington, August 31: Drinking juice is good for health. There are many people who drink regular juices. But you will be shocked to read that a woman has died after drinking the juice. A 93-year-old American woman drank the juice and her condition worsened to the point where she died. Shocking information has come out in the investigation. This is the case in California. GERTUD ELIZABETH MURRISON MAXWELL aged 93. Atria lived at the Park Senior Living Facility. She had dementia. According to the report, Elizabeth’s daughter Marcia Cusin said that her mother could not eat or drink anything on her own. The caretaker used to feed her with his hands. A worker at a similar care home gave her grape juice that day. After that her condition deteriorated. There were scars in her mouth, throat and the esophagus that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. Then she died.
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Actually what she was fed as juice was not juice but washing liquid. She drank the washing liquid as a juice and it killed her. Police are further investigating the matter. Local authorities are investigating. The Senior Living Facility has said that we are assisting in the investigation. According to the NBC report, the cleaning liquid must have been mistaken for grape juice. It is also known that the concerned employee of the care home has been suspended in this case.

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