LPG prices cut in September also, know the new rate and who will get the benefit

LPG prices cut in September also, know the new rate and who will get the benefit
LPG prices cut in September also, know the new rate and who will get the benefit

New Delhi. Government Petroleum Marketing Companies have cut LPG prices by about Rs 100 on the first day of September 2022, not giving relief to the common consumers who are facing the brunt of inflation.

This deduction has not been made on domestic use LPG cylinders. Oil marketing companies have announced a cut in the price of 19 kg commercial cylinders used in hotels, dhabas and restaurants. Domestic LPG cylinders used in homes are still available at the old rates.

After reviewing the prices of LPG cylinders by the oil marketing companies, the prices of 19 kg commercial cylinders of Indane in Delhi have been cut by Rs 91.50, Kolkata by Rs 100, Mumbai by Rs 92.50, Chennai by Rs 96 from September 1. Has been.

Businessmen running hotels, dhabas and restaurants across the country will get the benefit of the reduction in the prices of commercial cylinders.

After the change in the price of commercial cylinders, the price of 19 kg LPG cylinder in Delhi from today will be Rs 1885 instead of 1976.50. At the same time, in Kolkata, the prices have now come down to Rs 1995.5, as against Rs 2095 earlier. The price of cylinder in Mumbai has come down to Rs 1844.

The biggest thing is that the oil marketing companies may have announced to cut the prices of commercial cylinders, but they have not given any relief to the common consumers.

There has been no change in the price of domestic cylinders from July 6. That is, the cylinder will still be available at the same price. Indane cylinder will cost Rs 1053 in Delhi, 1079 in Kolkata, 1052 in Mumbai, Rs 1068 in Chennai.

Let the government oil marketing companies announce the new cylinder price on the 1st of every month. Earlier in August also, the prices of cylinders were cut. At that time the price of commercial cylinder was cut by Rs 36. The price of 19 kg cylinder in Delhi was earlier 2012.50 paise, after this reduction the price was reduced to Rs 1976.50.

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