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Murder | Heinous murder of unknown person in Lohara campus

Murder | Heinous murder of unknown person in Lohara campus
Murder | Heinous murder of unknown person in Lohara campus

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  • Killed by being crushed with stones, stabbed with sharp weapons
  • Police engaged in identifying the accused and the deceased

Yavatmal, In the premises of Mochan Dhaba on the local Darwa Marg, an unknown accused killed a 50-year-old man by crushing him with stones and hitting his body with a sharp weapon. The person who died in this incident has not been identified. Murdered on the night of August 30 That this incident happened. The incident site comes under Avadhutwadi police station. On the morning of August 31, after the police got information about this incident, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Sampatrao Bhosale, Avdhutwadi Police Station Officer Manoj Kedare reached the spot and took stock of the incident. was.

A triangular stone made of blood stained cement ballast was also lying on the spot. Which was confiscated by the police, besides the marks of weapon strikes were visible on the body of the deceased, the police gave such information. Meanwhile in this case No clue of the accused has been found, while the deceased could not be identified for the whole day. An offense has been registered against him under Bhadanvi 302.

Police said that after this incident of murder took place on the night of 30 August, it came to light on the morning of 31 August. Sanjay Rathod, the driver of the redemption dhaba located on Darwa Marg, had closed the dhaba as usual at 11.30 pm on 30 August and went home. On the morning of August 31, a crowd gathered there after the body of an unknown person lying in the bushes near the tin compound, gathered there, during which the police Patil of Bhoyar village informed the police including the dhaba driver.

After which the police reached the scene of the incident and sent the body for north investigation. Who is the deceased unknown person, who killed him and why, what is the reason behind it, there is a challenge before the police to investigate all these things and find the clues of the accused. The investigation of the case is being done under the guidance of Police Inspector Manoj Kedare of Avadhutwadi Police Station.

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